It is 3 a.m. and you are late getting home. As you approach the intersection you notice that no one is around. Do you drive through the red light?

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I knew a guy who stopped at the light, then fell asleep only to be woken up by the cops and given a DUI! He should have been home in bed.

no , not til i stoped and looked, then i go about my way..i do not wait at red lights if there are no cars on the cross street..this trips out the people behind me like you wouldnt believe. one time when i sped away at a red, the couple in the car behind me, sat and waited for the green and the went as fast as they could to catch up with me to pull along side and stare at me like i was out of my mind... i love it..

<the only thing keeping you at a red light is you>>>   oh !! and if there are cars zooming past on the cross street, that will keep you there too...

red means stop and i stop   but after, if its clear and no cars around, i proceed,   ..its only a low voltage LED light not a flesh melting forcefield ...

Where I live - The traffic lights sometimes have cameras attached ... Is this just Maryland?  


You need to know which intersections have the cameras and which do not.  

In Bogota, red lights mean yield at night, because if you stop you might get car-jacked!
now thats crazy, it speaks to the bigger truth, survival trumps law..
In South Africa you can get hijacked at night or smash and grab is common (they break your window reach in and grab stuff). And people are killed in these sorts of events more often than you would believe! So we pause, check for traffic and dodgy looking people and then drive through at pace!!
Stop and take a hit...
I just looked back at this thread and I never answered my own question. I would go through the light and even cross my fingers knowing that it does nothing! How many of you still do that?
LOL!, I would slow down and look both ways on the green light in  case you were coming the other way.
I've done that during daylight hours!  I've slowed down when approaching stop signs in Hamtramck which is loaded with one-way streets.  I've seen people fly right through, barely hitting their brakes, and hardly looking for cars approaching on the cross street :/
No, I stop and wait.  I am also wearing my seat belt.  I am old and safety-conscious nowadays.  :o)


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