It is 3 a.m. and you are late getting home. As you approach the intersection you notice that no one is around. Do you drive through the red light?

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No, I have patience & am paranoid of cops hidin'.
Depends on whether there is a cam on the light or not. If I know there's no cam then I yield for a second and move on.

You really don't want to get busted for a red light though. It's a $400 fine minimum where I'm from.

I definitely make left turns on red arrows as long as the light for cross traffic is red. Those red arrows are absolutely pointless and just hold you up.
Probably not. Modern vehicles are great tools, but like many tools there are rules to follow so you don't hurt yourself (or others). It's not so much about breaking the law, it's about hoping that if you follow the rules to prevent accidents you'll set a good example for others to follow. Follow the rules and our system will work nicely. Without cars that trip would have taken you many times longer to travel, so what's 20 seconds for the light to turn green?
Nope. I stop. I might go before it turns green if it is a very long light; depending on circumstances.
Yes I always have even since I was 16. Life is so short to wait around for "what if"
Nope. "Looks clear" and "Is clear" are two different things, and I'd rather not take that chance.
i stop and wait.

but you know what i hate? regular lights that turn into flashing red or orange lights late at night. for some reason, i get confused when i see a flashing light, especially if i was expecting a normal signal.

i've driven straight through flashing red lights without stopping (i think maybe seeing the red light turn off made me think it was time to go). and i've stopped at flashing orange lights (i think seeing the orange made me think, OK I have enough time to stop at this light).

Yes, I drive through - here, of course. It is a common practice where I live, and in fact I could get rear-ended by another vehicle if I stop in such a situation.


If I were in US, I wouldn't. 

There is a stop sign at a bridge 1/2 a mile from where I live.  I have driven that road thousands of times - So I know always when it is ok to blow past it.  


It's in case another car is coming form the other side of the bridge ... so you look to see ... if no car is coming - then you don't have to stop.  


If the traffic light is an area where I know the hiding places of cops - and I know there is no camera - then yes, I'll go through after slowing down a bit.  


This is safer than turning into a road during rush hour for instance - But it is still illegal - Breaking the 'law' is not always a 'stupid' or 'unsafe' act.  It just means it's 'illegal'.  There is not a connection between the two.  


But the stop sign where I live - I just ignore it completely because it's useless.  


When I first read that I said "fuck yes!" out loud, but in reality I'd probably stop and wait.  It's just not worth the risk, given what COULD happen and how easily our senses are fooled, especially when it's 3am and we're impatient.
Wait, not patiently (I curse a lot) since I hate waiting but I always wait. However, If I am in the middle of back water nowhere and there isn't a car insight, I may do it.
HAHA, I would curse too, probably the whole time I was waiting.


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