The kind of moment I hoped would never happen.

It happened.

The moment that I will never forget where my son's life flashed before my eyes. I was seconds away from losing him....

I took the kids son and 2 other children who are now like family, ages 7 and 2....

My son didn't want to swim, he just wanted to watch, and throw the balls at us and squirt us with water guns...

My attention was on 3 places at once. I thought I could handle it safely....

Then....I heard a splash.

My son was in the water. He did very well. He was basically swimming on his own! But I saw him take in some water. I got to him in what seemed like forever but was only a couple of seconds. I got to thinking....

What if I hadn't seen him before it was too late? A HUGE wave of guilt came over me and I cry as I type this.

I have to admit.

I thanked God for drawing my attention to him so quickly. A couple of seconds later, and....

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The first thing that was in my mind after reading this Belle was "What did your son learn from his dip ?"
Happy he is safe, for both your sakes.

Well Judith, despite the feelings I expressed on this blog, in the moment I was amazingly calm and assuring towards him. As I grabbed him into my arms I gave him a hug and said, "You were swimming honey!" And I gave him praise for doing such a great job. Another parent came over, and he helped me lift him out of the pool. I got out with him and held him and we talked about what happened. He kept saying, "I was drowning," and I said, "You were swimming!!! You did so well and I'm so proud of you!!"

He said to me, "I'm never going swimming again!"....I got back in the pool. When my son wasn't anticipating I pulled him in with me. He cried for about 10 seconds but then realized he was safe in my arms, and LOVED it!!! We swam together for a long time. I ended up carrying all 3 children on my back!!! The oldest is 7 and she helped me watch her little brother, but we all had a great time. I made sure to get out of the pool when my son was still enjoying it and having a good time wanting to swim some more.

The feelings and emotions hit me hard that evening...

You sound like a good mom to me.

What Unseen said! :)

Thank you Unseen

I am sorry to hear what happened and glad your son is OK

Then about the God thing, well were you brought up in a religious family ? 

No, but I became a Christian as an adult...before becoming an atheist...

Thank you for the well wishes.

O.k, thanks, I just wondering because sometimes when people are brought up in a religious family, and they escape that and become atheists, when experiencing traumatic events they refer back to those taught beliefs.

Its a pleasure and thank you

I remember when I was a kid, getting hit buy a car, being thrown over 30 feet and landing back on the curb. I didn't pray. That was not my first thought. However, being a mother, I can understand why you would say, "Thank God". Most of, during our lives, have been conditioned to think that way and it is an automatic response and perhaps makes you feel better.  I am glad your well and your family is fine. Natural occurrences and accidents happen every second of every day. How man of us on here, stop and say " Thank God" for some reason or other. Is it not unlike saying something, "Drop dead," when you're angry at someone. Like a brain reflex. You don't mean it but you are temporarily appeased.  :))

Thank God! Thank Heavens! They are boilerplate exclamations and only mean something if they actually mean something to the person who utters them.

Thank fuck, is what I tend to explete :)


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