It came from FACEBOOK! Crazy things your friends have posted on Facebook about faith that drive you nuts.

So I'm sure we all have Facebook friends that post crazy, amusing, disturbing things about god. So what are the worst or most amusing things that you have seen? That and do you ever respond to these posts or just ignore them or even just delete people from your friends list? Furthermore how have other people reacted to your own posts about Atheism or subjects that might go against the faith of friends or family?

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I'm not seeing too many more of those anymore since I posted a comment about my public library having a book of Jesus in the biographies of the children's section.

This is from a recent doorstep debate with a born again christian - “the distances in space are just too astronomical to be measured accurately”. That was the end of the conversation.

Look at this marvellous piece of logic and reasoning here. This is a guy I used to know in high school and like many religious people (and many non-religious) he is a decent person. However he thanks God not for his genius and for his hard work but for creating him and as a direct result of creating him, giving him an opportunity to work hard and be a genius. He says God is the creator and is also a non-interventionist; how convenient. He goes on to say that we have free will and we can do what we want and that we have agency.


Major contradiction here; he says God does nothing, I did all the work so I get most of the credit, but somehow God is involved since he has some magical, mysterious and inexplicable hand in everything, SO WE THANK HIM!

I work in the same field as your friend and its always amazing to see smart people who still buy into this god stuff. I always wonder if they really believe or are they doing it for business reasons or perhaps just are too afraid to admit that they don't believe to anyone let alone themselves. A few family law or criminal cases really should cure you of this bible stuff to be honest...

1- I dont trust facebook!

2- I discourage arguing those kinds of people, they just want to argue and argue!


"So I'm sure we all have Facebook friends that post crazy, amusing, disturbing things about god."

Actually.. No. Guess I'm the lucky one. :)

I've muted a few people for this reason who ask hey did you see my post earlier about such and such and I'm like oh umm... I must have missed it... you know how crazy this new facebook is.

That normally works pretty well.

People who talk about god's love I suspect mostly have gone to the cheerful churches that pave over most of the bible because they know they would lose most of people if they really knew more about the bible. I had to tell an adult friend that he shouldn't use a kids bible to understand the bible since its edited for content he didn't seem to realize this.

I eventually "defriended" a long time friend after multiple letters about her "joy in the Lord" and multiple viral emails about "miracles" in African countries which were horrifically naive.  For example, I can see nothing "miraculous" about the survival of a freshly born infant whose poverty stricken mother had just died on the table.  What kind of a monstrous god would kill the mother and then leave the defenseless child to suffer and die slowly from hunger and mal-nutrition.
Nor can I see anything "miraculous" about a man who comes out of coma while being prayed over by some evangelicals.  He had been involved in a car accident, was taken to a reasonably staffed hospital but left against the doctors advice in order to see another doctor in a different town who had the "right" Christian beliefs.  This incompetent doctor pronounced him dead on arrival and and sent him home in a coffin.  The video footage of him after the "miracle" showed that he had gait and speech problems that indicated permanent brain damage - something that might have been avoided if his "god" had persuaded him to stay at the first hospital. As a retired neuro-scientist, that one really disturbed me. 

It made me angry that my friend's brain appeared to have been taken over by some kind of mind eating slug.

Religion. A.K.A. a mind eating slug.... Sometimes I wish people would send this kind of crap to me so I could rip it to shreds and send back the pieces (that's a metaphor obviously...). Apparently people in Australia are either atheists or smart enough not to send religious junk to atheists.

If only we could really blame a mind eating slug.... it makes it so much more confusing that they don't have something causing their lapse in logic. 


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