It came from FACEBOOK! Crazy things your friends have posted on Facebook about faith that drive you nuts.

So I'm sure we all have Facebook friends that post crazy, amusing, disturbing things about god. So what are the worst or most amusing things that you have seen? That and do you ever respond to these posts or just ignore them or even just delete people from your friends list? Furthermore how have other people reacted to your own posts about Atheism or subjects that might go against the faith of friends or family?

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I actually just posted a picture that I took a few minutes ago. I came back to my parent's house to visit after I got out of class today and when I went into the kitchen, I found this hanging on the fridge for my sister:

And I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. I posted it on my Facebook page with a caption saying: "Seriously? They're charging people to be "Confirmed Catholics" now? What a joke!"


Some people, no doubt, will find this offensive... but how do they think I feel when they post stuff like, "Atheists will burn in hell. (Insert some crazy verse from the bible here)."


Yeahhhhh...... lol


This^ was posted on my friend's wall, and here's the discussion that followed:

CK: so why did god make apes look exactly like slightly more primitive versions of us? do you deny the very obvious similarities between primates, and the difference between them and the rest of the animal kingdom? i've seen plenty of people that look exactly like apes, just with more evolutionarily refined bodies. and not just physical characteristics, either. if you line us up at the end of a row of primates in evolutionary order, it's just a clear and natural progression... i don't understand how you ignore the evidence.

JG: You can line up anything. For example, I could say that the spork is the missing link between the spoon and the fork. And similarities point just as much to a common designer as a common ancestor.

CK: amazing...

Here are some other things aforementioned person has posted since _last week_.

"Atheists have faith when they say they don't have an explanation as to how their theory can work in reality, but there must be an explanation and they will still hold to their now-defunct belief."

"Can you find the logical problem behind this reasoning? I don't like God, therefore He doesn't exist! While much of the "dislike" is based off misunderstanding, it still does not make a difference."

"Atheists think Christians are stupid for believing we are intelligently designed, and think they are smart for believing they are not designed intelligently at all. Oh, the irony."

"Philosophy, logic, and Christianity are the best of friends."

"The Chapel of *****'s Facebook Page will begin in one hour. I encourage you to take your seat on my profile at that time. The sermon is titled "Will there be gay people in Heaven?" In this service, you are free to pass notes in the form of comments. May God bless you." And he actually had a sermon on his Facebook via statuses. o.0

I keep him on my friend's list so I can argue with him, and because his posts amuse me.

But science doesn't say that. At least not from what I've heard. The way I see it, science doesn't say "everything came out of nothing" but it says we have been able to calculate our origins from this point, anything before that we have insufficient records of so we don't know but we can theorize. This, to me, is as honest an answer as we can get today so I'll have to disagree, I don't think they have a point at all regarding that issue.

At least this is rather amusing, rather than a straight face-palm :D

Come on, CK, everyone knows the spork was designed by dolphins. 

I'm getting really tired of reading "repost this if you love god (he just watched you read this). Reminds me of the guilt tripping type theists are... Also it's silly.

Yeah totally... not on FB but in general... So ridiculous, you're supposed to be 'set free' from guilt because of what Jesus did for you, yet you're barraged with passive-aggressive (at best) guilt trips for not spreading that 'news'. What a virus.

Someone I knew in elementary school (Catholic school) recently added me. She was non-religious for a while. She even used to post anti-religious things. She met a man, converted to Islam for him and married him and now frequently posts things on how wonderful Islam is. She posted this quote that I find ridiculous: "Science investigates, religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge which is power, religion gives man wisdom which is control. -MLK jr"

She also once posted that Islam is the best form of guidance and how western influences are poison. I enjoy reading her posts because it really drives home how people can get brainwashed so quickly and so thoroughly. 

I fixed this by just deleting my account.... I got so tired of religious facebook bs... And if I said anything benign but obviously non-religious, interacting with the spew, I would get de-friended. A lot of these people I am casual friends with otherwise... otherwise they're normal people I enjoy knowing.

One example is someone posted a bible verse from the epistles, and I posed a non-threatening question wondering how that made sense... It's the one about how this 'list' of people aren't 'inheriting the kingdom of god' ... 'and such were you' and so on. My post deleted and was de-friended just like that. I guess, "How dare I question the word of god!" Maybe that was a clue, in inverse. But that clue meant de-friending the vast majority of people on there. And what's the point of being on there at that point?

To rant on, it also had a bit to do with my just-becoming ex-gf at the time. We had quite a few mutual 'friends' on there. We lived together for a few years, and she left when I was laid off. Evolution at its finest.

And then most of my immediate family friended my ex-wife right around then, randomly after years...    I don't really care at all in one sense, since it's been years, but after the events with her I've always maintained no contact or interaction except only what pertains to our kids. In that sense my family put me in an awkward situation.

And then more ongoing religious stuff, from people I grew up with or my family. And just felt squelched.

And then I realized that I hated FB. What a mess. The people I spend time with, or want to keep in touch with, I do this anyway. Otherwise, TA fills the social internetz needs, heh. We're all here for a purpose and it's great reading from and interacting with everyone, because even if there is a disagreement (and often going ad hominem rather quickly sometimes :-(  ), people keep talking. For me it's better than sitting on facebook watching drivel that's designed that way (religious), that's for sure.

I guess the point is that for all the above reasons, for me it's not worth it. I do miss laughing at the nonsense though...

I have a friend who always quotes Joyce Meyer and ends every post with thanking Jesus for washing us in his blood and healing us me the creeps!

It wasn't in Facebook, but last week we bought some meals for our employees; I was unable to order at the time they did, no big deal I just needed to call the restaurant back... I did not call, the food arrived, with a surprise: an extra meal! Someone, from the team came and exclaimed: Thank god! I replied: Yeah, rigth, someone will pay for this at the restaurant. Later, a coworker told me that she calles the restaurant to order an additional meal for me. Bottom line: I don't really think that a "divine power" would mess with my food.


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