It came from FACEBOOK! Crazy things your friends have posted on Facebook about faith that drive you nuts.

So I'm sure we all have Facebook friends that post crazy, amusing, disturbing things about god. So what are the worst or most amusing things that you have seen? That and do you ever respond to these posts or just ignore them or even just delete people from your friends list? Furthermore how have other people reacted to your own posts about Atheism or subjects that might go against the faith of friends or family?

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Agreed, Christmas is clearly about celebrating the northern winter Australia, I would prefer not to dance naked around a bonfire's usually 30 to 40 degrees Celsius here around the solstice.

Our winter solstice is your summer solstice.  8-D  But you can celebrate with us. 

Yeah I love all the Christmas is about Jesus posts... its like lets be honest... its about having a good time with family and giving/getting gifts now. I love Christmas to be honest and for years my house has been the winner of our local Christmas light contest (we go all out) but one thing you will notice about our display... no baby Jesus display or anything really involving god. We treat it as a secular holiday in my house and I always find it amazing how many people just ignore the real history of Christmas. I'm kind partial to the old tradition of going around to people's houses singing badly and not leaving until they give you booze to get rid of you from back in the day ;-)  Got to love the traditional version of Christmas Caroling.

...not leaving until they give you booze to get rid of you

:O So THAT's what Christmas carolling is all wonder my mother didn't want me doing it, lol!

Yeah it used to be a bunch of drunk hooligans going around that would sing loudly and would throw rocks at windows unless they got a free drink. It was party for sure and was in fact banned for many years.

Ugh, a family member just posted this in a note:

Twas the month before Christmas
When all through our land,
Not a Christian was praying
Nor taking a stand.
See the PC Police had taken away
The reason for Christmas - no one could say.
The children were told by their schools not to sing
About Shepherds and Wise Men and Angels and things.
It might hurt people's feelings, the teachers would say
December 25th is just a 'Holiday.'
Yet the shoppers were ready with cash, checks and credit
Pushing folks down to the floor just to get it!
CDs from Madonna, an X BOX, an I-Pod
Something was changing, something quite odd!
Retailers promoted Ramadan and Kwanzaa
In hopes to sell books by Franken & Fonda.
As Targets were hanging their trees upside down
At Lowe's the word Christmas--was no where to be found.
At K-Mart and Staples and Penny's and Sears
You won't hear the word Christmas; it won't touch your ears.
Inclusive, sensitive, Di-ver-si-ty
Are words that were used to intimidate me.
Now Daschle, Now Darden, Now Sharpton, Wolf Blitzen
On Boxer, on Rather, on Kerry, on Clinton!
At the top of the Senate, there arose such a clatter
To eliminate Jesus, in all public matter.
And we spoke not a word, as they took away our faith
Forbidden to speak of salvation and grace
The true Gift of Christmas was exchanged and discarded
The reason for the season, stopped before it started.
So as you celebrate 'Winter Break' under your 'Dream Tree'
Sipping your Starbucks, listen to me.
Choose your words carefully, choose what you say
not Happy Holiday!
Please, all Christians join together and wish everyone you meet MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Christ is the Reason for the CHRISTmas Season!

I find that a good portion, probably 50-60%, of the Facebook statuses I read each day are religious in nature. A lot of them are either Bible verses, 'clever' rhetorical soundbites, or someone asking for prayers. 
Recently, though, one of my friends has been making statuses asking questions such as:
"Why are Christians so persecuted in this country?"
"Why is this [insert minority] allowed to [insert ritual] in school, but prayer isn't allowed?"
"Why do people rally to remove "In God We Trust" form the currency, "Under God" from the pledge, and the Ten Commandments from courthouses? This country is founded on Christian principles; secularists/atheists are ruining this nation!"

Each question is quite easy to answer, but even doing so in a concise, "common sense," manner doesn't seem to help them understand the flaws of their perspectives.

Interestingly, some mutual friend of mine has been posting sardonic, sacrilegious pictures (the ones that my friends seem to comment on involve Jesus engaging in homosexual behavior with Lucifer/other demons) that has deeply offended my friends. I've read through some of the comments; much of it is mired with Christians acting like this is a "Sign of the Times," some of it consists of jokes about the artists being ripe for Hell, and etc.  

I can't help myself with some facebook posts; when they are bigoted enough or just not thought through, I have to make a witty (to the best of my non-comedic abilities) remark. Today there was one saying "Rely heavily upon the grace of God this week. He WILL work through you!" So I found myself compelled to comment with "Alternatively, take responsibility for your own actions."

A few of my comments have led to debates on this friends wall, normally by Christians who I believe think they will win the argument easily. It has led quite often to people removing their own comments or saying and I quote "I don't have time any more for logical arguments."

Oh the humanity...

I had a friend that posted something about a difficult event in their life and of course a couple fundies just had to start with the accept god as your pilot, give everything to Jesus let him guide you, be obedient to god and he will fix this and its all part of god's plan crap. I just responded with something along the lines of " No reason to tug along with the status quo for someone elses sake. Just remember that you control your own fate nobody else so follow what you know to be true in your heart to be the best thing for you and your kids and not worry what anyone else thinks or how they judge you."  One of the fundies responed saying something about fate is controled by god etc etc... totally lame response. I didn't bother to responsed to them because I figured what I said was good enough to stand on its own.

I don't use facebook a lot, but my greatest religious horror and anger i got it from a response to a post that i made, my post was about a multidisciplinary study/consensus which warned that if we do not act immediately 90% of all marine species will go extinct in a 100 year time due to pollution and global warming. The response was: "That's awful, let's pray for it not to happen"

That is great... it made me chuckle at the insanity of the suggestion that praying will clean the oceans.

That's a fine response...assuming when they say pray they actually mean cut pollution output to zero and clean the environment back to pristine condition.


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