It came from FACEBOOK! Crazy things your friends have posted on Facebook about faith that drive you nuts.

So I'm sure we all have Facebook friends that post crazy, amusing, disturbing things about god. So what are the worst or most amusing things that you have seen? That and do you ever respond to these posts or just ignore them or even just delete people from your friends list? Furthermore how have other people reacted to your own posts about Atheism or subjects that might go against the faith of friends or family?

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I've been there. It's more trouble than what its worth.

 I second that, and AMEN!


Please spell "atheist" properly.  It maeks uss luok 2 mush liek krishtiens.

Or when a Christian mocks the Islamic jihad/72 virgins thing like "how ridiculous does that sound?" To which I can recall responding on at least one occasion with "about as ridiculous as a dude walking on water who's not a magician" never got a reply back :(

Yes or you here over and over how their god is a god of love and loves everyone and doesn't preach hate.... I've asked a few people where they got that idea from if they read the bible.

There was a study done, last year I think, that shows that Atheists and Agnostics seem to know more about religion than those that are "faithful". Not surprising. Common SENSE usually triumphs over mythology. Probably because common SENSE makes... SENSE? It's cool. Whenever I jokingly tell my mom that I converted to Norse mythology, I can tell she wants to kill me. :/ she may one day. I should probably cut that out.

This picture is conclusive proof that even if Jesus did exist, Odin is a far better god to worship.

Go Odin!


I love this photo... but everyone knows that the Norse gods were really Asgard .... hope I'm not the only one here who watches Stargate ;-)

I do that same thing I come up with a different faith to observe every time I visit my grandma to tease her. My grandpa gets a kick out of it because he is one of us. Thankfully I don't have any fundies in the family that I live close enough to see often besides a couple times a year for the required holidays where you pretend to like all your family members and act like everyone is very close.

I love you for this one:

besides a couple times a year for the required holidays where you pretend to like all your family members and act like everyone is very close.




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