A 13 year old girl was murdered in her bedroom today. Her father was in the living room when he heard screams coming from her room. Her ran to her and found a 17 year old Palestinian leaning over her, stabbing her repeatedly. The father called for assistance and the assailant was shot dead by police. The girl didn't make it.
This is the latest tragic event in the current wave of violence that has been raging through Israel for the past six months. Hundreds of israelies have been injured in the past six months in such attacks. We've had a man machine gun a pub in tel aviv, two more go on a shooting spree in a shopping mall. We've had a bus taken hostage by two men, stopped only by alert citizens who rammed into the bus with their cars- stopping a potential massacre. We've had a mother open her house door to find a teenager with a knife, who stabbed her to death in front of her whole family. We've had a suicide bomber blow up a bus. We've had two 12 year old boys run with scissors and screw drivers – stabbing and murdering random children. We've had two teenage girls who stabbed an elderly man to death. We've seen an elderly woman come up to a policeman, only to pull out a knife and stab him in the neck. we've seen a man steal an m-16 from a soldier and open fire on passers by in a central bus station. We've seen a man ram his car into a bus stop, killing one man, then exiting his car with an axe and hack another bystander to death. We've had drive by shootings at cars, wiping out families. crowds of people have been run over by cars- used as missles, driven into them. And on top of it all- numerous daily stabbings against random bystanders - all at the hands of palestinains looking for the first jew they come accross to slay.
What has characterized all of these attacks, is that no one saw them coming. None of the killers belonged to a known terror group. None were part of a cell. All were "lone wolves" who seemingly got orders from no one. For this reason there has been virtually zero Israeli retaliation. No one knows who to strike back at, and the prevailing sentiment in the seemingly "hawkish" government, is that if we don't retaliate- maybe this phenomenon will die out on its own.
Well it isn't…
Another thing virtually all attackers had in common was – they were not poor. The prevailing connection points to upper middle class, ages 15 to 30, living very cushy lives- a car, house, internet, Smartphone, degrees in higher education, lively facebook account – and of course- a devout belief in radical islam.
Many of left suicide videos, stating they were eager to give up their lives in the name of islam. Many of them stated they were eager to give up their lives for the protection of the al-aqsa mosque.
For those of you who don't know, in the heart of the old city of Jerusalem lies a mosque holy to islam. It just so happens that the mosqe sits on the ruins of the ancient jewish temple destroyed roughly 2000 years ago by the Romans. The site is holy to jews, but out of realization that muslims have a tendency towards violence, the Israeli government forbids jews to pray in the large mosque compound. Israeli police will allow anyone to visit the site as long as there is no suspicion that he or she will pull out a bible and start praying. The fear is that such an egregious action as praying silently would cause the muslims to throw a fit and start world war 3.
And so - If Israeli police suspects you of intending to pray, a policeman will either accompany you, keeping a close eye that you don't even mumble prayer in silence or forbid you from entering in the first place. There are hilarious videos on youtube of religious jews accompanied by police - pulling out a bible, and simultaneously stormed on by a barrage of muslim fanatics who were just waiting for the occasion, and local police trying to stop them / save their lives / get them the hell out of there. There's even been one jewish couple that was caught on camera getting married at lightning speed while the officer was distracted...
So deep is the Israeli fear of radical islam that Israel is the one democratic country in the world where jews don’t have full religious freedom.
Such incidents of jews attempting to prey on the grounds of the al-asa mosque had been getting more frequent in the months leading to the current violent wave. They were still few, but more than at past.
The Palestinians saw this increase as an act of aggression, and their reaction can only be described as murderous. Mahmoud Abbas- leader of the Palestinian authority, routinely propped as a moderate and peace wising leader - spoke at the UN general assembly, and stated the "jews were defiling the mosque with their filthy feet". Upon returning home he gave a press conference where he said that "every drop of blood spilled for Jerusalem, and the mosque - was holy." That "anyone spilling blood would go to heaven."
This is a world leader. Imagine obama saying this.
Palestianin TV iterated over and over that the "mosque is in danger". Social media filled up with instructional movies on "how to stab jews" – grab from behind, stab the neck…. Antisemitc cartoons were abound, thousands of likes, thousands of shares.
Imams in mosques began calling to muslims to "STAB STAB STAB – for the al- aqusa mosque".
More than six months have gone by. As previously said - the Israeli government has done virtually nothing to stop these attacks. Because there are no terror groups to target- and these are all religiously motivated "lone wolves" – the seemingly far right government decided to see if this thing will die out on its own. It was hoped that ignoring this phenomenon will keep it contained, as a military operation might lead to escalation.
Besides- no one in Israel really wants to destroy the Palestinian authority - inspite of its responsibilty for inciting the violence. The PA plays a double game, and a good one. Inciting violence on one hand, paying off murderers of jews lifetime salaries based on the severity of their crimes, and propping them as heroes – and on the other, working with Israeli security forces to stop known terrorists. There has been great debate in Israel if the PA indeed does more good or harm. This debate has left us paralyzed.
For a while, abstaining from action seemed to work. However The murder of the girl today, in her home, while she slept- followed by another stabbing attack later today – shows we desperately need a different course of action.
Some of you reading this may have made up your minds before finishing the first line. "Israel" means "occupation", israelies brought this on themselves and so on and so on.
I used to think the same- as an isreali living in Israel.
But this is not the case – and probably reason for a separate post. This is not "Palestinian terrorism" as much as it is Islamic terrorism. Global Islamic terrorism.
A direct thread of Islamic extremism runs through the gay nightclub shooting in florida, the paris attacks, Brussels attack, Istanbul attack, san berdino attack and this poor 13 year old girl stabbed to death. They were all killed by religiously motivated, radicalized muslims, who did not nessicarily need to be part of an organized terror cell. They did not require guidance. They had their minds poisoned with a monstrous ideology – and went out killing the first "apostate" they found.
Living in Israel has gotten me all too used to Islamic terrorism. It's a part of the landscape here, like earthquakes in japan. I've managed to grow thick skin to it. 3 months ago my first daughter was born, and since this morning when this poor girl was murdered I keep imagining my own daughter shrieking in terror from her crib as some monster who creeped in through the window is tearing her apart.
we are dealing with animals. plain and simple.

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Davis, war is hell, but one side is conducting war and the other is conducting terrorism. Sure, when you shoot to kill your attackers and they are hiding behind schoolchildren, WTF do you think happens? Israel actually tells Palestinian citizens to get out of the way of a coming attack, but guess who won't let them get out of the way, eh? Why? Because they want some innocent deaths for you and yours to lament about to conjure up sympathy for Hamas.

I have no doubt that the Palestinian on the street would love for peace to break out. However, unlike Israel, Hamas is part of the International jihad against anything that isn't currently Sharia-oppressed.

I don't love everthing Israel does, but we face two basic worlds we can hand our children and grandchildren: one with eventual peace and freedom (especially for women) as its goal and one where those who would love peace and freedom anx respect for women are subject to warriors on perpetual jihad to stamp out any peace or freedom that rears its beautiful head. Israel may be about the worst example of a good lot. Hamas is a standard cookie-cutter example of a very bad lot that absolutely must lose. However, they use innocents as shields and when those innocents die, they convert them into PR liberals use to make it sound like Israel is just as bad (moral equivalence). You don't see yourself in there anywhere?

Davis, after writing a detailed response to every one of your accusations i see you're ramping on, not letting facts cloud your judgment. This whole part of killing kids, not making efforts towards peace...  if you hold different "facts" to the clear ignorence you demonstrated so far, i can gladly help...

If peace broke out, Israel would welcome it and settle down to daily life, but for Hamas and the other Islamic nut jobs, Israel is just the first in a long line of dominoes they want to knock over.

Imagine what would happen if the Palestinians laid down their arms and bombs, and vowed never to fight again--then followed through on it.

Then imagine what would happen if Israel did the same.

That little exercise should clarify things for all who aren't willfully obtuse.

Imagine if one day both sides get together in peace and piss off American Jews and militant muslims in Saudi Arabia and those two get together in a one time joint operation to show the world that Israel/Palestine belongs to either muslims or jews and not both...and if only one can't have it...NO ONE SHALL!!!!! Iin a covert joint operation they get together bomb Israel and Palestine taking out most of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt with it. And don't pretend they won't. I know a thing or two about the Middle East and international relations and I can say with confidence that I know what American Jews and Militant Saudis are capable of!!!

Don't you see...the possible consequences of trying out peace are devastating. It's best to eternally occupy the territory of your enemy, let them live in misery, respond to their violence at a rate ten times as brutal with ten times the death toll, give them less rights, let those of the enemy who are citizens in your country be considered by law...lesser citizens allowing only people of one single religion...and then claim that you are actually the moral modern liberal society with humanist values passing modern rights with flying colours. I can't think of any other solution.

why do hate facts so much? why do you keep reiterating lies about dicrimination of arab israelies? what's your agenda?

My Jewish friends often express their desire for peace in the Middle-East and don't express any hatred for Palestinians. In fact many Jews I know express a kinship with all peoples from that area. I believe Hamas reaps the kind of karma it sows.

Now as for the Saudi's, yeah I agree with you there. They are THE main oily problem.

Great comment Davis

I would personally rate the killers as sub-human, and "neutralize" them before they killed someone innocent. But the problem is, how does one know ahead of time which people will act non-human?

After 9/11, I saw all kinds of Americans waving flags, screaming "never forget", and polititians rising up saying "we have to DO something!". So we invaded Iraq, killed upwards of 100k Iraqis, plus more American military than Americans who died in 9/11. Did we defeat terrorism, or perhaps accidentally help it grow?

Our biggest blunders have been fear based, and arrogantly justified by national pride even as we sunk to behaviors previously considered inhumane in our great country.

Isn't it true that Israel's kill several more times in number Palestinians than they kill Israelies? I'm not saying that anger is unjustified, but asking "what good has overkill done in the long run for Israel"?

In 100 years of conflict, Israel has killed more Palestinians than Palestinians have killed israelies. That is true. Americans, by the way, killed way more germans in WWII than the other way around. Simply counting bodies teaches you nothing about  conflict, and Israel seems to be the only place in the world today coming under such scrutiny. Does US forces killing more ISIS terrorist than vice versa teach us anything about the conflict? You would never hear such comparison because it is absurd.

If you want to view the conflict through the "dead counting" prism, consider this. Israel is one of the most powerful military forces in the world. There is no physical or operational obstacle stopping it from ethnically cleansing the Palestinian territories. Many other conflicts around the world, that would otherwise have lasted 100 years, didn't- for this very reason - The strong side murdering the weak to insignificance. Israel and the Palestinian territories are ultimately smaller than the state of new jersey. A maniacal leader, Putin for example,  could get the job done in a week.

But we don’t. not because we can't – but because we don't want to.

Palestinains, on the other hand- do not have the ability to leash actual genocide on the Israeli people – but they never cease from trying. Not for one instance. "kill the jews" is never off the agenda – be it through suicide bombings, rocket attacks, knife attacks, and maybe most importantly a consistent refusal to sign any sort of compromise in the dozen or so peace deals offered to them and brokered by the US in the past 20 years. Palestine could be celebrating their 17th year of independence had they agreed to the proposal given to them by Israeli PM in Camp David in 2000. There are have been more offers since, plus unilateral withdrawals – all perceived on the Palestinian side not as acts of good faith, but rather as weaknesses- a reason to push on for increased violence.

How do you deal with such people? With such leadership? Such a culture? I don't have an answer. I will however say than in contrast to US "nation building" wars, naively stemming from a belief that you can invade a foreign culture, force democracy and free speech on them, and say "problem solved", our wars our very different. We have no real hope on "changing" the barbarians around us. We usually sit around doing nothing while waves of terror increase. At some point we snap and hit back, for the sole purpose of "buying ourselves" several years of quiet. When faced with maniacal leaders who are uninterested in persuasion,  deterrence is the only tool left.

Even then, I might add, our military makes steps to limit civilian casualties which no other army in the world does. World media loves propping up breaking headlines of dead Palestinians, but actually this is one of the least bloodiest conflicts in history. The attention it gets is nowhere near proportional to the body count- in comparison to actual genocides happening all over the world, getting ZERO coverage.


In 100 years of conflict, Israel has killed more Palestinians than Palestinians have killed israelies.

100 years, 10, 2, whatever... choose any period you like.

Palestinian deaths vs. Israeli deaths

In my roundup of 8 things you need to know about the Gaza-Israel conflict, I forgot to include one important point: the Palestinian death toll.

The number of Palestinian deaths to Israeli deaths is clearly disproportionate — as of this writing, about 192:1. There are a few different ways to look at this rate.

[from article 'justifying' 192:1; yeah, 'he forgot to mention']

i'm sorry not enough israelies died to quiet your consience.
I honestly don't get this argument, this demand for equality of outcome. it makes sense ONLY if you think israel is  massacaring Palestinains on purpose. If that was the goal, why has this conflict streched out for so long? why not just killem' all? why not behave like any given week of the syrian civil war and indiscriminatly bomb to ashes every palestinain city, forcing millions of refugees to flee to europe.. ethnically clense the place and get it over with... why stretch this out 70 damm years? If what happened in gaza was indeed "genocide" as so many antisemites and their "useful idiot" liberal buddies like to cry out (as they would do for no other people in thw world), one has to atleast admit that it was the least effective genocide in history. What kind of genocide starts with phone calls to every home in the target area to leave, followed by airdropped leaflets explaing the safe routes to escape from, followed by a dummy missle dropped on the rooftop, causing no damadge besides a loud sound, notifiying remaining residents they have 5 minutes to leave. feel free to fact check everything i've written, just please stop with this nonsense. sometimes there are no "good" solutions. sometimes reality sucks because yo're dealing with religious fanatics who can't wait to get to the afterlife and cannot be reasoned with. it's even tougher when they run the state...

i'm sorry not enough israelies died to quiet your consience.

Now wait, is that something only conservatives would say? Of course not, but personalizing this debate gets us nowhere.

My apologies for reacting negatively to comments like this, or any similar comments I make seemingly without being provoked. I try not to do that, except when people believe that evil justifies evil and will always solve problems.

What kind of genocide starts with phone calls to every home in the target area to leave, followed by airdropped leaflets explaing the safe routes to escape from, followed by a dummy missle dropped on the rooftop, causing no damadge besides a loud sound, notifiying remaining residents they have 5 minutes to leave.

I'm not sure how to fact check that with a reliable third party, but it does sound commendable... especially if it's a very well-known practice.


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