Many discussions seem to be tinted with Christian concepts, like: free will, hell, evil, virtue, omnipotent God, trinity, soul, etc.  Yet, Islam may be the strongest religion today.  Its adherents' faith is so strong that they blow themselves up to become martyrs of Allah.  Why don't we inform each other on this current issue, and discuss its pros and cons?

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Yes, Fred and Adriana, Political Correctness, is acting like a religion - a belief system. It appears to be cowed by the few thousand Muslims in Sweden. They may unwittingly be allowing themselves to used by the Muslims to advance their agenda.

Atheists should help PC find the error in their ways, including their support of the separation of boys from girls in school. Next they will allow burqa. Once Shariah Law gains a toehold, it will be difficult to prevent its onslaught.
I envy your optimism, Adriana. I pray to God, whoever she/he/it/i may be, that you are right and all religion will eventually wind down. Some people feel that religion will ultimately lead humankind to extinction.'s not the most popular religion, and most of us don't relate to it because it isn't being forced in our faces.
Not yet. Just wait and see, Jon.
When you talk about tomorrow's world you should first look at the population projections.

As you can see a lot of the new population growth will take place in Moslem countries and in countries with a large Moslem minority such as India. It is more dangerous to have a billion new people in lands that are currently poor or have nuclear weapons. It is going to be difficult due to the large growth in some countries and the negative growth in others (Russian, Italy, Germany and Japan for example). It is going to be a very difficult 40 years because of this but it does not help to call all Moslems fanatics or not acknowledge the contributions that Moslems have made to our past and current human civilizations.

Source and here are the other top country populations

You are pointing only to countries that are Muslim now. Many non-Muslim countries will turn Muslim either by force of arms or by the "Salami Technique." The Islamic Republic of Sweden will come to pass long before 2050. How long do you think Israel can exist after Iran develops the Bomb?

Islam indeed is the World Religion of tomorrow! The other alternative is human extinction. Is the third alternative the long-foretold battle at Megiddo? Wadja say, fellahs?
If you look again at my comment, you will see that I am definitely not an End Timer. I am just examining all possible alternatives. But look at the influence of the few thousand Muslims now in Sweden.
I was just reading the news from Sweden and it does seem to me at least that a lot of this angst is due to the bad economic conditions. People fear and detest the other when they are hurting. Honor killings are in human and need to be stopped.

I also read about anti Moslem snipers in Malmo.
Doone, look up the two stages of Taqiyya. The first. when you are weak, appear meek and peaceful. You are even allowed to publicly practice the religion of the infidel. And the second stage is when you are strong, be forceful in spreading the Faith.
Dig deeper. You'll find that even Muhammad (pbuh) practiced it when he was strong enough to overwhelm Mecca.

That shows the strength of Islam.

The other religions do not have this doctrine, nor do they have a measure to counter this.
Long live the Islamic Republic of Sweden!
christianity and islam are two of the worlds main religion both professing, equality and peace, yet both have inflicted damage on both sides, such wonderful teachings, such shameful acts.


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