Many discussions seem to be tinted with Christian concepts, like: free will, hell, evil, virtue, omnipotent God, trinity, soul, etc.  Yet, Islam may be the strongest religion today.  Its adherents' faith is so strong that they blow themselves up to become martyrs of Allah.  Why don't we inform each other on this current issue, and discuss its pros and cons?

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Thanks for that post, Apple. Your "inside" view is very interesting.

People just don't get it. Islam isn't just a religious doctrine. It's a legal, political and geo-political doctrine as well. Jihad is integral to Islam and any means necessary is valid if it help spread Islam.

Wherever Islam gets the upper hand, it's exceedingly difficult to ward off fundamentalist pressures. Whether Islam spreads through force or through population shifts, the end result is intolerance of us infidels.

If you think Islam is a tolerant and peaceful religion, then you haven't read the Quran with an open mind.
This is relevant to my interests, Apple. I enjoyed your post. Thanks!
The Qur'an has passages that seem to contradict each other. The parts written before Mohammad's Hijra to Mecca emphasized peace and reconciliation especially to the "People of the Book" (Christians and Jews). But the later parts, after he had already gained more than 10,000 followers, emphasized the elimination of of all opposition including (especially?) Christians and Jews, either by death, subjugation or conversion.

Scholars of Islam say there is no contradiction, only the time of application. The peaceful part is to be applied where Muslims are few and weak. Where they are strong and able to use force to spread the Faith, they apply the forceful part.

The U.S. . . . in fact, all of the Americas, are separated from the physical spread of Islam by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. We aren't as aware of Islam as other parts of the world. Americans, as a result, are too complacent about Islam. Very few of them have read the Quran, yet hold strong convictions about Islam: convictions that seem to echo the propaganda of apologists for Islam. How they can do this is a mystery to me. Too many assumptions and not enough knowledge.

Christian and Muslim scripture are equally hateful and ignorant. The biggest difference is that Christianity has been significantly reformed over the last half millennia. Islam need to undergo the same reform if it is to survive.
"A curse of boils in both your houses!"
Huh? A curse of boils? What's that for?

Reminds me of Muhammad's favorite phrase: "We bring you glad tidings of grievous woe!" :-)
Boils on religionists of both kinds.
The plague on both Houses!
The single largest religious denomination in the world is Sunni Islam.
I had the impression that Roman Catholicism was the largest sect in the world. Please give source of info that Sunni Islam is.
"In 2008 there were 1.166 billion baptized Catholics worldwide, an increase of 19 million (up 1.7%). Taking into account the increase in the world’s population to 6.7 billion, there is a slight growth in the percentage of Catholics who make up the global population (from 17.33% to 17.40%). "

You are not right - currently Roman Catholics are the second largest group in the world. Here are the populations by country

"According to the CIA Factbook, the five countries with the largest number of Catholics are Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, United States and Italy. "

"A demographic study conducted by the Pew Research Center in October 2009[1][2] found that there are 1.57 billion Muslims around the world, accounting for roughly 1 in 4 people. The study found more Muslims in Germany than in Lebanon and more in China than in Syria.[11]
The vast majority of Muslims are Sunni, while an estimated 10 – 13% are Shi'a". The number of Sunni Moslems are about 1.35 billion which is higher than the estimated Catholics.
What's your point, doone?


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