Many discussions seem to be tinted with Christian concepts, like: free will, hell, evil, virtue, omnipotent God, trinity, soul, etc.  Yet, Islam may be the strongest religion today.  Its adherents' faith is so strong that they blow themselves up to become martyrs of Allah.  Why don't we inform each other on this current issue, and discuss its pros and cons?

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+2 internets.

And if we reach that point atheism will no longer be a minority, but the majority ( Sweden or Denmark are good examples )
Is there a way for atheists to help Sweden see the error of her ways? If they don't change course, they will ultimately have Shariah as the law of the land. Can the Islamic Republic of Sweden be a part of The Euro-group?
Many who call themselves "Atheist" are just anti-Christian. They are unwittingly getting themselves used by the Muslim cause.
A couple billion of the world's population.
Many of whom live in greater pipelineistan.
That isn't how I'd define powerless.
Not to mention poverty doesn't stop someone from blowing themselves up, it encourages it. All you need to do is arm and motivate these people, which terrorists do.
The only way for America to be free from the shackles of Pipelineistan (excellent coining, Dave) is to start building green power-plants now, at a massive scale. That is the only way to quit our addiction to oil, and stem the hemorrhage of dollars that is bleeding us to death. Federal regulatory action to encourage private investment on green energy is too slow. By massive state investment now, the construction industry will be resuscitated, to cause the jump start of rehiring and new jobs.

But this has nothing to do with atheism, No? Still Pipelineistan (i like the term) is in the control of Muslim countries. So this may yet have something to do with our discussion of Islam.
You all continue to ignore history and for the most part seem just to fear "the other". This is just atheism allied with right wing Christianity for the most part. Here is a history of European colonialism.

The US isn't the complete center of the world. It is not a minor religion on earth, unfortunately, with over 1.5 billion followers. It is second only to Christianity, whose numbers in the US are also dropping (from like 86% to 75% in the last decade or two). The idea that more and more people may become Islamic is not a far-fetched idea, but it is no more scary than the current number of Christians. Most Islamic people do not blow themselves up. There are extremists in every religion, including Christianity (for instance, instead of blowing themselves up, Christians have been known to commit genocide instead; Hitler believed in Jesus, and he tried to wipe out the Jews). But most are not that radical in their views. The problem is never WHAT religion is dominant, but the fact that religion is dominant at all. Hopefully we're looking into a future (however far away) where Atheism may be the norm.
Natural selection fail. In an extinction level event (another Toba bottleneck) the well to do are round-off error since there are so few of them. If you mean economic, social or political pressure, Malthusian fail. Small changes in initial conditions (a malaria vaccine) in large population will swamp my puny Amazon purchases of Star Wars action figures.

The pressures on existence:
I'll start by playing the devil's advocate.

There is no other God than Allah (the Benevolent, the Merciful), and Muhammad (peace be unto him) is His messenger. The holy Qur'an was dictated by God to Muhammad (pbuh) who, although illiterate, was able to write it down in Arabic, the only authorized language (since no translation is officially authorized). Islam means total surrender and obedience to God. A Muslim is one who completely believes in the Word of God. The Hadith, a record of Muhammad's acts and words, is also a part of a Muslim's faith. He lives by the five pillars of Islam.

Only God can make laws, the Shariah. A Muslim is duty bound to disobey a man-made law that violates the Shariah. Peace will reign when the entire earth is under Islam. It is the duty of a Muslim to bless an infidel by getting him to convert to Islam (Better willingly, but with force if necessary).
Wow, Doone! You've realy read a lot in the Koran. Your contributions to this discussion will be invaluable.
Doone, I think you should also put in the cons that you hinted to, in your comments of Nov. 5, 5:25 pm. Thanks.


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