I don't know if anyone noticed that people have been fed nonsense data that Islam is an ethnicity/race ? The thing its a religion a doctrine an ideology. The ethnicity of the middle east is Arabic and Aramaic. So I am sick and tired of people calling people who despise Islam as being racist. I wonder what the Atheist or  Arabs, Aramaic and other middle eastern people who believe in other faiths other than Islam would feel if they get identified as muslim by their ethnicity ?

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Absolutely. islam accepts followers from all countries and backgrounds. In fact the majority of muslims live in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The 'racist' defence is one of many attempts for islam to deny responsibility for the violence of some of it's adherents.

In the recent past I attended a debate that discussed faith and tolerance. We took a coffee break and when queuing I was accused by a Catholic of being a racist towards “the Muslims” in the room. I responded that it was not possible to be a racist towards the Muslim faith any more than I could be racist towards Catholicism. A few of the Muslims agreed with me, which irked the Catholic as he thought he had landed a heavy blow in the debate. In an attempt to reclaim some ground he continued with “What I meant to say was that you are being a racist towards the Arabs”.

I looked at the Muslims who heard this remark and we could only laugh it off. The Catholic just did not get it. I had made it to the top of the queue at that moment and asked “Could I have a coffee please” in Arabic. The expression on his face was priceless.

This video explains it


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