Is islam compatible with modern society? Quite clearly a literal interpretation of islam is not compatible.

I don’t claim to be an expert but hundreds of verses in the qur’an are by any standard at odds with modern society and dangerous for all. For any who doubt this we can look at the primary material:

  1. the qur’an says ‘not to make friends with Jews and Christians’ (5:51);
  2. and to ‘kill the disbelievers wherever we find them’ (2:191);
  3. then ‘murder (disbelievers) and treat them harshly’ (9:123); and
  4. ‘fight and slay the non-believers, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem’.

This faith is dangerous to others. That is clear. Can it ever be compatible with modern society?

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"Can it ever be compatible with modern society?"


What would have to change for this to happen?

Literal interpretation of the Qur'an as well as literal interpretation of the Holy Bible is very dangerous. You have so many injunctions to do bad things in both books.

The bible has many versions and was cobbled together from a bunch of different sources. So it is not that difficult to argue that it needs interpretation.

How do we do this for the qur'an?

You dont. Its a work of manipulativr fiction glorifying unspeakable cruelty and unspeakable laws all packaged with ruthless violence and hostile threats. Why on Earth would anyone use this book to learn anything or base their morality on or use as a guide on how to live? 

How on earth could you not interpret any of the above versus in the Quran anything but literally.

No religion is compatible with modern society.

Why single out the religion of peace? The issue lies in human nature, the need to explain the unknown and believe in any sort of fiction to ease our insecurities.

Absolutely. All religion is simply nonsense but they are not all flawed in the same ways. islam does appear to an outsider to be remarkably regressive and at the same time hostile to any element of a progressive society.

For a remarkable illustration of the regressive effect of islam do an image search for 'Afghanistan in the 70's'

The hypothesis is that the strictly literal approach to interpreting the qur'an prevents the dogma adapting to any changes in society.

And that the violence of islam results from the incompatibility of the faith with the reality of a modern world.

The religion of peace us singled out because it currently is the international religion showing the ugliest face (through Christians in Central America or Sithern Russia and some sects of Hinduism in south Asia are certainly not too far away). Its because every time you hear about a bomb going off, an outrageous execution by beheading for a trivial crime, a malitia involving organised mass rape, a concentration camp for gay people or a draconian new law limiting tge few rights women have all cases your first guess who did it is usually correct. Is it because Islam is just like that? No...there have been periods in some kingdoms where civil life was relatively progressive. Christianity in the old days was far more savage than Islam at the time and you'd certainly not say that's the case for Anglicans in the UK these days. No...they are simply the religion at the moment that is most bananas, bonkers and and prone to lunacy with in credibly strong mechanisms in place to deflect and avoid all criticism and change...and no guarantee it will get any better.

In reality, the bible and Koran are almost interchangeable, in that both contain passages like the one's cited, as well as ones to the opposite effect, etc.

IE: The Koran also has love they neighbor crap too, just as the Christian one, etc.

The PROBLEM, besides being a religion, etc, with Islam, currently, is that it is ~ 1,000 years younger than christianity, and, well, is doing what christianity ALSO did when it was about that age, etc.

So, its a cultural problem, as far as getting along with others, at the moment.

Also, Sufi and Shiite, etc, are pretty different in how they view other faiths.

One IS more warlike and less tolerant than the other for example.  

So, as usual, people are pretty much the same everywhere, but, when able to be manipulated, the nose ring of choice is typically religion...and, after that, its all up to WHO holds the chain's other end from the ring.

The defense against a nose ring is to snip your nose so the ring has no where to attach, using sharp critical thinking.

That can smart.....albeit work to prevent being manipulated using flawed reasoning as leverage.



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