I'm only 13 and I talk with my friends about a lot of important topics like society, the fat acceptance movement, genders, hate, and a lot more. Both my friends are Atheist and I was wondering if it was normal for a 13-year-old to talk about this stuff. do all 13-year-olds do this?

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Hi Hunter - what do you mean when you use the word "normal" in this context? Are you asking if pretty much all 13 year olds do this, or are you asking if you are super special, or do you mean something else? I used to have a friend who said that 'normal' was a setting on a washing machine.


"...a friend who said that 'normal' was a setting on a washing machine."

It's only normal if you're a girl. :)

Maybe it was "sitting". So long ago now, and what's a vowel between friends :)

Hi Hunter!

13-year-olds developmentally are moving into a stage where their peers have as much or more influence on them as their family, as they are beginning to build their own independent identity and views on the world.

Yes, it's normal. 

Some adults don't explore things like that, yet, it is also normal for some to do so.

Your explorations into how things work is the start of a journey of discovery.


Are you somehow implying that "normal" is good? Was Einstein normal? Carl Sagan? Madame Curie? Louis Pasteur? Jonas Salk? 

Normal people don't accomplish much. Nothing spectacular and world-changing anyway.

Excellent point, Unseen!

Normal is average, why would anyone desire to be average when you can be exceptional?

It is normal for intelligent 13 year olds who can have civil discussions about important topics and who don’t consider a supernatural entity as having any relevance to those discussions. Learn how to spot fallacies in each other’s arguments and improve your critical thinking skills. You will stand out from the normal then. Don’t be afraid to speak your own mind once you have given consideration to other points of view. Don’t worry about what direction the herd take. Do your own thing.

Sure, why not talk about it, at any age.  And no, most 13 year olds don't talk about atheism.

I am no expert but it seems normal enough to me.

All 13 year olds?

No. Some play playstation every minute of their free time




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