Hi Everyone,
I'm new here, so I hope I'm complying with all the rules regarding posting an article.


Anyway, below is an article that a facebook friend posted regarding a proposed circumcision ban in San Francisco. She, a practicing Jewish woman, feels this is an example of "blatant antisemitism". Do you agree?



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The study is interesting.  Tangentially related:  I remember my mother telling me that they used to use the circumcised foreskin tissue for testing when she worked as a microbiologist at a hospital.  Only problem is, I can't quite remember what they were testing for.  If I recall correctly, it was herpes.  Using foreskin tissue, they were able to test for herpes with a much quicker turn-around time.  If it was diagnosed quickly enough, the doctors could take steps to reduce the chances of birth-acquired herpes.  Sadly (as is probably apparent) I am not competent to evaluate the pros and cons of this.  I'd have to ask my mom about the details.


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