Is there truly taxonomy & phylogeny to the body plans of the Cambrian Explosion?

The overall framework of early metazoan evolution comes from molecular data, but they cannot provide insights into the anatomical changes and associated changes in ecology that accompanied the emergence of bodyplans during the Cambrian explosion I still contend that their is a dearth of material available that explains the body plan evolution during the Cambrian explosion despite the acrimonious objection from many. Well here is your chance to post links or citations to prove your point.

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No atheist have cleansed themselves of the antiChrist dogma of Rome. They are fertile in hearing auguments.
So how do you account for the fact that atheists can do good deeds and be good people?
They usually have high IQs.

No.  It was the indication that you, personally, could tell right from wrong.

For example, if you read the bible, HOW DO YOU KNOW that some parts, such as loving thy neighbor, are moral, and other parts, like having slaves, are bad?

YOU have to already HAVE morals to be able to read the bible, and TELL the good from the bad.

So, its NOT an indication of GOD'S existence, its an indication of your OWN MORALITY'S existence.


Spot on.

The Catholic Church is the ravening wolf Rome watching the hen house. They are antiChrist from day one.

Do Catholics believe in the wrong God??

If their God allowed them to burn people at the stake and torture then with hot coals in dungeons then they are antiChrist that was prophesied. The rider on the white horse conquering and going to conquer through it's temporal power through the kings of Europe and the same can be said of the Orthodox Church through its temporal power through Byzantuum. Thus the two horns of the lamb that spoke like a dragon (Revelations). I will mention my source now since TJ And Matt accuse me of writing gibberish.

Your sources are gibberish actually.

The oracles were a show to get money from customers.  The "virgins" would writhe about and mumble nonsense, and a scribe's job was to "write down what they said for the client".

That means the scribe, not the "oracle" is the one who gave the "prophesies".

This is a historical issue, and, known gibberish.


If not for the Catholic Church, there is no bible, no Jesus, etc.


So, the Church CREATED Jesus..."The Christ", and, you label them the "Anti-Christ"?

What, pray tell, is the logic behind THAT?


TJ as I told you before your historical knowledge is incorrect. The Apostolic church predates the Nicene Creed and Emperor Constantian and his bishops including Athanasuis and his Trinitarian falsehood.



You need to tell me what you believe, perhaps in the separate thread for your beliefs, instead of the Cambrian thread?



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