Is there truly taxonomy & phylogeny to the body plans of the Cambrian Explosion?

The overall framework of early metazoan evolution comes from molecular data, but they cannot provide insights into the anatomical changes and associated changes in ecology that accompanied the emergence of bodyplans during the Cambrian explosion I still contend that their is a dearth of material available that explains the body plan evolution during the Cambrian explosion despite the acrimonious objection from many. Well here is your chance to post links or citations to prove your point.

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Evolution means speciation within a phylum, but not trans-phylum radiation.

Now I understand.

Essentially, you're like the guy complaining, as he looks at a big tree, that he hasn't seen any new trunks or major branches form this year, therefore the whole tree cannot have grown from a tiny seed.

Every one of those major branches was once a minor little bud.

Those phyla, in their very beginning 5 or 6 hundred million years ago, were a minor variation in the body plan of a creature that consisted of a few dozen cells.  Only after that happened, and those differences were carried into larger and larger creatures, did they become so major people would call them "phyla."

So evolution covers the original split of the phyla as well.

What ti doesn't cover...what doesn't a species that is a vertebrate already, evolving into an arthropod, or annelid, or nematode.  Frogs will not evolve into horseshoe crabs (not even donkeys, sorry Reg). If you think evolutionary theory claims that sort of thing happens, then you don't understand evolutionary theory.

Not having any DNA it is impossible to challenge you on that point and the radiation of multiple phylum from a single precursor is a valid argument from within Darwins paradigm. I just don't buy the argument. But please hit me over my head with new discoveries that challenge my believe system.

It's clear from what you wrote, you didn't even understand what I said.

Your statement was perfectly clear. It is from what you wrote that you did not understand what I said. Phyla radiate from a pre-existing precursor. Now you mention that one species of one phylum can't become that of another. I believe that is intuitively obvious. I'm just stressing that precursors are a presumption and not supported in the fossil record.




And, please explain the term "radiation of multiple phylum".

So far, you sound like you have zero knowledge of what you speak of...or are pasting things from sites with either zero knowledge, or, a vested interest in there being zero knowledge.

Please explain yourself.

Your vain attempts of twisting my words in to a strawman on every post is turning you into the village idiot. I did not say that I personally don't have DNA. Any more statements like that we are going to put you into the village blocks and throw tomatoes at you.
Village stocks

You might have missed the "LOL"

It means "Laugh Out Loud", and is used sometimes to indicate humor.

And, I am not TWISTING your words, I am QUOTING THEM...and then following with what they might mean....typically asking you for clarification, which you never supply.

For example, if you say evolution is something, and then say why you don't believe its true, that is the definition of a straw man argument...IF what you say evolution is, is not actually what evolution is.

As you said evolution was something it is not, and then said why you "don't buy it"...that, Sir, IS a strawman argument.

I ALSO said that I didn't think you did it on purpose, as I truly believe you have no clue what evolution is....based upon what you SAID IT WAS.

So, to be clear, you are (ARE) making a straw man argument, probably accidentally, because you are saying you don't believe in something other than what we (As an informed society) call evolution.

So, either find out what evolution IS, as has been suggested to you since the beginning of the thread, to FIND OUT HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THE REAL THING AND NOT THE FAKE THING.

Maybe you will agree with evolution once you know what it is.


What about the "argument" keeps you from "buying it"?

Read the post below that says what the argument IS essentially, and, respond to the parts that you don't get/don't "buy", etc.

That has to wait till the weekend


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