From 5700-year old Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets, a prophecy has often emerged, based on "liver omens" (soothsaying done by analyzing the shape of a sheep's liver), that expressed a yearning for unity at a time when Babylonia had once again disintegrated into a dozen or more small city-states: "There will come a king of the four corners of the earth."

The Jews have spent 3000 years anticipating a "Messiah," while Christians have passed 2000 years waiting for the return of theirs.

Is there something innate and universal within Humans - a lack of faith in our own abilities, perhaps - that subliminally urges us to seek out a savior?

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Mine's a robot. 

epic Sir.

Zach - sounds like you're saying "personal validation." I'm sure that's part of it.

Don't you think part of the appeal lies in just turning everything over to someone/thing else and saying, "Here, you deal with it, life's just too much for me --" Granted, that's a poor way to run your life, much like sitting in a moving car and refusing to steer, but if things turn out badly (through basically, lack of management), there's the fall-back, "It's god's will --"

pax vobiscum,

Don't you think part of the appeal lies in just turning everything over to someone/thing else...


On the way home from work yesterday, the minivan in front of me had a bumper sticker that read "God is in Control".  I see this message promulgated often by religious folks, especially during stressful times and times of personal change.  They exalt in the ability to shrug off their worries and problems and let "god" handle it.  I am sure it is a very liberating feeling.  However, I couldn't help but notice the mini van that this bumper sticker adorned also had body damage in several places.  Perhaps they took this advice a bit too far?

Or maybe, Reggie, god was just busy that day, delivering a plague of locusts on some folks in another part of the world.

pax vobiscum,

If a minivan with a bumper sticker saying "God is in control" has an accident does the insurance company pay out or do they call it an act of god?

I've always wondered that about the "God is my Co-Pilot" ones, too. Then I think, good luck with that. 

Remind me not to fly that airline --

pax vobiscum,

"If a minivan with a bumper sticker saying "God is in control" has an accident does the insurance company pay out or do they call it an act of god?"  ~ Mark Thurman

Now that was funny.  I'll be chuckling for a while on that one.

Ah, but maybe they'd been bad Christians and you'd been a good atheist!:)) laughing

pax vobiscum,

I believe there is a desire for a savior.  This is why Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics and DC are so popular.  Batman saves the day.  Superman saves the day.  Heck - Bruce Willis saves the day (in movies, of course, but maybe in real life too)!  The only flaws I see in this desire are to 1) Attribute the desire as evidence for some sort of invisible sky-fairy, and 2) The TV show "Dexter" which makes you root for the bad guy even though he's killing bad guys as a serial killer... fun show but very confusing to morality.

However, even if heroes or saviors is a trait that every single human on the planet desires for, that does not prove the existence of any god(s). 

Interesting point about Marvel Comics and the like. I'm no comic aficionado, but not only do most of these super heroes have no 'divine' origin (Except Thor), some come from very humble origins, often human. I think this reflects modern memes/themes on Transhumanism and the Singularity. God Schod, I could be my own god if only I have some 'n' to make me so (where n represents some value of radiation, chemical goo, magic or mutation).



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