From 5700-year old Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets, a prophecy has often emerged, based on "liver omens" (soothsaying done by analyzing the shape of a sheep's liver), that expressed a yearning for unity at a time when Babylonia had once again disintegrated into a dozen or more small city-states: "There will come a king of the four corners of the earth."

The Jews have spent 3000 years anticipating a "Messiah," while Christians have passed 2000 years waiting for the return of theirs.

Is there something innate and universal within Humans - a lack of faith in our own abilities, perhaps - that subliminally urges us to seek out a savior?

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Good point, CA, re the comics - hero = savior.

If I may, I'd like to add one more flaw to your list: 3) Depending on a savior, whether mortal, Kryptonian or supernatural, impedes our own growth as Humans.

pax vobiscum,


I think we can answer that if we look at just how often Lois Lane is saved by Superman. For those who have young kids,, it would be akin to Norman Price on FIreman Sam. Norman (a child of 10-11) always seems to be getting into some sort of trouble. Then the call goes out and Fireman Sam saves him. Both beg the question-- if you know you're going to be saved regardless of what happens, wouldn't you be more prone to taking unnecessary risks..?

To me, it echos the behavior of some (not all) Christians.. 

Based on my extensive listening of christian music radio

Oh my... really? How can you bring yourself to listen to that tripe?

I've made the same observation growing up in the church.

Kasu - I agree with everything you've said, but let me take it one step further.

The "savior" has yet another advantage over all of the problem people ("relationships, families") in our lives - the "savior" is anthropomorphic, and existing in our minds as he/she does, can be anything our fantasies want him/her to be, as opposed to people in general, who normally come in WYSIWYG packages - "what you see, is what you get."

pax vobiscum,

I've read some things about the idea that Type I errors have evolutionary advantage, in that assuming that rustle to be a predator instead of the wind and being wrong is less damaging than believing the opposite and being wrong. Michael Schermer had some interesting things to say about how that translates into belief in the supernatural.

No!  Not in this human at least.

not realy its more of a need for a leader that people can stand with. you see this with other animals there always or atleast a alpha and i think as we developed mentaly these things came withus and we began to explore abstract thought unknowingly and start to reason tho poorly about natural powers beyond they're  understanding there for bigger alpha is mad and even in bugs to tribes theres a great worrier of the tribe of a poeple to will save an pretect them an the past few thousand years the ignorent have trun the degree to the max and now we'r seeing the delusion disapating so thats my take however coherent or the lack there of  lol forgive :P

but ya i see the poeple starting to see the hero is us we are the last line of defence if somthin needs to happen we needs to make it happen

Actually  Michael, I think that may not have been as well-written as you might have liked, but it was certainly very well said.

Maybe when we learn that we're all there is, and stop depending on magic to alleviate our problems, we'll be a little kinder to ourselves and to each other.

pax vobiscum,

lol sorry x3

I'm not sure how to respond to this thread, but I'll try....

I have a hard time believing that we humans are born with any desire for a savior. That said, as we age and begin to realize some aspects of our lives are out of our control, the idea of a savior-figure coming (or having had already came) might offer some level of comfort...even if it is unnecessary. While I don't believe in any of it, I can see how it was possible some felt the need to write the new testament as a means of easing some of the stress factors associated with the old. In other words, I'd rather hand out with the Jesus of the New Testament, than the angry/jealous god of the old. I don't know.

Interesting thread. Sorry I don't have much to offer to it at the moment.

No.  The need for a savior only stems from feelings of guilt.  Someone at some point started making people believe they were bad, and needed saving, otherwise the concept would never have arisen.



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