As an atheist I have spent a lot of time trying to show theists the problems in their arguments, showing the indisputable science that shows that evolution is real, sexual orientation is biologically predetermined and cannot be eradicated with "therapy" [which the American Psychological Association condemned years ago]... etc.

The message never seems to get through. Is there really any point? I have never been able to change anyone's minds...
Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone ever been able to crack into their thick skulls?

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ha well, I think there's a point... my brother has "converted" five die-hard Christians to atheism. he's had an ongoing campaign of sorts on Facebook, and it seems to be pretty effective. it could all be about presentation, or how a person is already perceived by his/her friends. my brother has a great personality and is very likable, so he has that working in his favor.

Yes, there is a point.  Just remember it is all about patience and presentation, especially patience.  Don't ever actually argue with them because then their pride will become involved and your task will be impossible.  Just throw in little thought barbs--the things they obviously never thought of--and walk away.  Let them think it was their own inherent intellect that came to the correct conclusion.  (Religion is driven primarily by pride.)



Usually, the cracking sound is made at home, never in front of you. When you speak to someone with a different opinion they might consider it and in the long run that idea is the driver. 


My best approach so far is the friendly atheist coat. Just don't be a jerk, don't be passive, don't be militant, be friendly to the person itself but not to their ridiculous beliefs. Overall, you add patience to the mix and you can crack through a message or two.

Yes, religion is the scourge of mankind.  It is a tool for repressing our natural sense of morality.  It blinds the believers for the benefit of the charlatans who manipulate them.

I remember reading the Case for a Creator, also by Strobel, and wanting to go back in time, tap him on shoulder while writing and say, "You do realize that you are advocating a story and a God contrary to Genesis, right?"

This is the point. No matter how stubborn people are THIS is the reason we need to keep pushing towards changing people's minds.

We have a long way to go, but we have the ability to change the world one person at a time.

I have found this to be quite good. I have adapted it since I first posted it. Instead of challenging theists, especially the Fundies directly, it is almost forcing them to challenge themselves.


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