I recently wrote a post about this question at my blog that I'll summarize as: "Remember fondly, those you've loved who have passed away. As long as you remember them, they will live on. You are their afterlife."

I'm really interested to hear what ideas other people may have on the concept of a non-supernatural afterlife? It was a tweet that inspired me to think more on the subject so to that end i don't think i'm the only person who's come across the concept?

Without belief in the spiritual/supernatural and the promise of heaven if you're good and hell if you're bad i think it would be sort of nice to know that the good things we did in life will grant us our own afterlife is the memories that others hold of us after we've gone.

I'd like to leave a large "hole" in the concept open to debate as well, as my partner pointed out "bad people get remembered too" - i'd like to think that bad memories create a bad "afterlife" in the sense that you don't really remember bad things in a fond way so wouldn't really dwell on it, or keep it afloat in the same was as something that filled you with happiness?

i also realise i'm verging on the "hippy" side with all this ;)


Here's the link to the post btw if anyone's interested to read it, http://amplified-atheist.blogspot.com/2012/01/living-provide-afterl...

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"The BRAIN creates the Mid".

This can be said this way and with some rearrangement it is a united truth. The life that is interested in the brain and participates in sight knowing experiences truth in what can be called the Mid or Middle region of it's existence. This area is like a perfect tuning pitch for an instrument of pleasing music.

"Do you want me to operate your brain proving it to you?

Is this similar to how you might understand the process of driving or when you tell your computer something? Getting inside of something and telling it something is able to be done, however, it is not useful when what you are understanding to say is not interesting to you or others and is caused to be placed within an experience with terror or discomfort of some kind. Getting inside of something can be done in a way that is useful, but only by united life and then you are in the process of true transformation (some refer to this as the Holy Spirit and you can understand whatever vocabulary you can be carried by).

"I found that out after talking with the schizoafective, schizotypy & people with other neurological malfunctions over 30 years".

You had been listening in on yourself in a way that you did not know how to understand. With this image of you here, able to be called a TV set existence receiving parts of something not seen together, you will provide to yourself perpetually interesting sights again and again. These sights will be provided to you where you exist whole forever as one with them along with the life that has been caused to understand your whole existence correctly.

"ME the messenger."

Life going around with you now can contemplate about where you are understanding this message to be coming from. Who is it giving you messages that you understand to give to someone else? There is no connection life necessary and you do not know how you use yourself forever as an nervous system intercessory or as a praying and saying priest. Those are temporary doing something different locations of activity until those existences are placed as always doing what is a perfect system using and understanding completely what it is provided continuously.

"Make a note of it" and "cognitive dissonance"

You can look around for some music now experienced as interesting and you will be participating with your whole self as always knowing about it completely within an appreciating experience. And then you start over again understanding with separated circumstances without a knowing of the united experience just had. You will exist understood with separated circumstances if it is necessary for you to be seen by someone here in this place where you seeing a computer. If it is not necessary for you to be seen, you will be a communication in this area that has always existed providing separations to areas of life that are under too much pressure from integrations with useless pieces of information never experienced as interesting.

I love you very much. Enjoy the music.

You wrote at the end of the deluded rantings produced by your malfunctioning brain the following:

"I love you very much. Enjoy the music."

Learn this fact enjoying the musical truth I'll present about LOVE... before you keep confirming your cognitive dissonance & ignorance on your reposes to the facts I present:

Once upon a time a woman's cave begun to exude copulins to attract a creator "god"....a man attracted by the pheromones begun to fall in "LOVE"...in due time, she fell on her knees making the PenisChrist resurrect by kissing His bald venerable one eye head.....then.....

...Her woman anticipating a visit by the creator God made  Bartholin anoint the entrance to her cave. The Lord PenisChrist stimulated by oxytocin, serotonin Dopamine slide inside the tunnel spiting his River of life on the Altar of creation blessing with her with Orgasm thus initiating a blastocyst with mutations obedient to the instructions of a DNA toolkit begun to create a human being with a brain containing the" Universes within" that would form a sentient self aware mutated evolve primate aka human being.

Nine months later a baby with a defective brain emerged. It was YOU my friend, so please get educated but get the brain fixed first, I wish you well...

O si tacuisses philosophus mansisses.

Get well soon, you are not making any sense.

Vale bene cura ut valeas.


This is interesting and is describing the process of the creation of life through integration. It is a series of back and forth implosions of pressure (turning that then twists) and then separations (ruptures and cut offs). It is not an appreciated way to be given something and fortunately not all life participates in the integration process. You are interested perpetually in what is unity not integration. What you have understood about the brain and the circulatory system from the TV set is only true in some places of activity. I love you very much as a communication of circulatory spirit that rotates against the clock provides "A Brain Washing" that is able to be done in a way that is purposeful toward transformation that provides an end to the experience of change together with united knowing about interests. Some call this forgiveness, but that includes to much horse manure called "shame" and there is nothing you can do for yourself. You move and you do and you understand or know according to the experience of interest - united or the exact reverse of that. Your existence is able to be understood completely.

You can do something interesting now. Have you been to CArlsBad Caverns?

If you can not get there, here is something you can look into that can be understood completely by some involved in your existence area.


It is to be related across places of the doing something different activity of a nervous system (internal and the one that exists as your activity life able to be seen around you) which does something different (pressure and separations) when it understanding from the information of TV sets.

Pleasure is never all mind or all mine and terror is done where there are tics of horizontal time intersected by the vertical line. I would not wear this symbol on my neck, but some life is caused to and I understand what happened completely.

I do not believe in an afterlife in the sense of consciousness continuing after physical death. While the idea of the afterlife being in people’s memories is somewhat warm and fuzzy I disagree with this also. The logic in this is akin to saying a photo of an object is the actual object once the object no longer exists. Memories of me are merely an imprint in someone else’s brain, a cognitive photo of me so to speak.  The idea of memories being my afterlife is really just confusing of the words legacy and afterlife.


I think there is just non-existence. My idea of afterlife is identical to my idea of prelife.  Here is one of my favorite quotes on this that really stuck with me.


“Mr. Clemens was once asked whether he feared death. He said that he did not, in view of the fact that he had been dead for billions and billions of years before he was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”  Mark Twain

This is interesting understood as by Mark Twain. What can be called "Dead" means there is nothing an area of life is understanding by way of a communication to it and that area is only experiencing unacceptable sight and a state of movement that is the source of non appreciated emotion. Everything that is understanding something to it came out of the area of consciousness (area of separation, a dimension) where there is the life of sight and hearing that sees and hears nothing that can be understood because it can not be set to a rotation (continuous or discontinuous) and only experiences "do something different" or that state of being that is entropy. It is not a mystery when understood correctly. You can look into this area at any hospital or research lab by going over to tissue death if you are supported to understand that way. You can also see this area by looking at a decaying tree. This life exists as information and a singular consciousness in an area overlapped with emotion that is not united with any understanding. The aware separated consciousness life moves back and forth from here according to their sight interest until they are positioned as always. This area is where strings (string theory) exist. A string experience is not appreciated and awareness life moves over to something that is either continuable for now or to what it can always do. Aware string experiences can be removed from this area and that is what is happening now that is interesting. 

An afterlife free of religion would be heaven ..........oh wait, I spot a problem !


You are doing what you can always do and you are doing what you can continue to do and together you are one is really what this post is interested in. This sentence speaks to the two areas of life comprising the whole (complete) universe and they can be understood simply from looking at what is talked about with the human body and then extending that to include your immediate earthly environment: 1) A large central nervous system doing what it can always do related to how it sees (is oriented to) interest, knows about interests and experiences emotion and 2) A large circulatory system doing what it can continue to do related to activity and communication. What is the universal circulatory system is added to again and again, however, that is not the case with the always knowing system once an existence area and how it knows about it's interest has been united whole. They will understand and experience increase to activity and communication about it in the same way as before perpetually. For those understanding with me, you can know that repositioning of separated circumstances is a temporary process and as a result of that information, we can understand the communication of this acronym together T A 4 T.

The Experience of Appreciation and the Activity that Appreciates.

There is no human being authority to respect and respect is a word that is disguising itself. Without the cover, respect is the experience of appreciation and appreciation is not to be understood as a communication "that you should" give to another human. Appreciation is not communication at all, but it is an experience with a particular environment where motion is doing what it always can placed to you that is shared by life together. What some refer to as the after-life, and those words together are poor, is sight, knowing, movement, and communication that results in the experience of appreciation or celebration. After-life could be said to describe the temporary shifts that occur to how you are understanding your existence integrated or using yourself as more of what was a misunderstood interest - perhaps, because there is a delay and a palatalization combined with emotion, such as aggravation, in how communication is being provided. Some life has been moved over to temporarily use themselves with Satellite Circumstances. Those are some loud suctioning bass-re-tards! going around in rotation and then breaking down because they are not allowed to continue what they are understanding (too much pressure).

Religion and Reformations.

Religion, like other hanging basket integrations that you seem to have to keep watering, can not be seen as one activity and must be broken up, moved around and then repositioned to understand and participate in the experience of appreciation. Some call this reformations and what is happening there can be known about within united truth.

Sight, knowing, activity and communication have been, are always and will continue to be always happening within presentations that are purposeful to a current interest being caused to be seen. Aspects of those occurrences within places called religion are continuable and others are unacceptable when seen, experienced and communicated separated from anything else. This is of course true for other activity places as well. Ultimately, nothing is unacceptable, once pulled out of the area of separation, united with other sights, experiences and communication which then allows for a full conduction of complete understanding about what is able to be known now (seen and experienced as interesting) at unity about the whole or unified universe. Religion, as a package of rules, regimes, and structured saying which some understand to be able to apply to all who enter here, is not allowed to participate as one unit understanding united truth to their activity play by play.




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