I recently wrote a post about this question at my blog that I'll summarize as: "Remember fondly, those you've loved who have passed away. As long as you remember them, they will live on. You are their afterlife."

I'm really interested to hear what ideas other people may have on the concept of a non-supernatural afterlife? It was a tweet that inspired me to think more on the subject so to that end i don't think i'm the only person who's come across the concept?

Without belief in the spiritual/supernatural and the promise of heaven if you're good and hell if you're bad i think it would be sort of nice to know that the good things we did in life will grant us our own afterlife is the memories that others hold of us after we've gone.

I'd like to leave a large "hole" in the concept open to debate as well, as my partner pointed out "bad people get remembered too" - i'd like to think that bad memories create a bad "afterlife" in the sense that you don't really remember bad things in a fond way so wouldn't really dwell on it, or keep it afloat in the same was as something that filled you with happiness?

i also realise i'm verging on the "hippy" side with all this ;)


Here's the link to the post btw if anyone's interested to read it, http://amplified-atheist.blogspot.com/2012/01/living-provide-afterl...

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In that case I guess my answer to the question would have to be "No".

..of course there is a mentally healthy, aka atheist, concept of "after life" based on facts. Bacteria reproducing, insects lying eggs having big families eating & eating fucking & fucking on our stinking rotting remains. This FACT is the TRUE "life After Death" the ChristPsychotics in their ZombieGodSyndrome infection do not understand....but Facts TALK bullshit walks...


It is interesting what you are understanding about memory. Tolerable, but non appreciated occurrences, once they are understood completely by the life necessary to do so, for what was occurring that involved more that just one human existence, cease to be provided to your whole existence as an orientation. They will not be known as part of your existence by you or anyone else. We will always experience ourselves as human and there is no end to that. It is not supernatural, really, it is not a mystery. What ends are questions and uncertainty about how life sees and knows what it does related to what it is doing and how life is using itself together at activity that gets added to again and again. Activity that gets added to again and again has united meaning across diverse presentations showing and saying about an always happening process that moves life according to what is living interest span.

How about Hell?  I mean you have to admit that for an atheist death followed by nothing really is the best case scenario.  It's not what you expect, but certainly imaginable, just read Dante.

Um, no, I really don't have to admit nothing as a "best case scenario". Hell is as much a fiction as heaven, valhalla, shangri-la, or any other mythical post-death destination.

Here is a communication to Lawrence Krauss that is interesting relating to the prior post about Hell and Nothing.

A Whole Nothing is Impossible.

A part of the universe that does relax to nothing exists as an outer environment where separated circumstances (singular attention spans, awareness(es), interest life, experiencing life) is not participating in what is an ongoing now communication or what can be understood as a whole, full orientation to an existence area about how it is knowing and using itself at activity that appreciates new sight (something always existing now able to be seen, because it can be used and known about completely).

I see only the title of your book, "The Universe from Nothing" and you are understanding a part of truth that you can know about completely within your interest span.

The sight of all life moves from one activity place to another through what is united or an exact reverse interest span. For what is full knowing about your interest, what you see needs to be able to be understood to you immediately at unity with what is known by life that is always knowing about a current interest presented across variety of activity according to interest span. When what you see is not being understood correctly due to points of play at activity places, you are only receiving parts of communication called nervous system information within a time delay and with a particle experience. When what you understand to receive to you is understood as an unacceptable understanding, you are moved to the outside environment and separated from what you are understanding (string existences, human and non human). Following this, your sight is moved either to a united interest, if it can be had in your existence place where you understand to go, or to a non united interest that is not yet receiving to it an unacceptable communication. In this area, there is nothing an existence is being provided and as a result, there is nothing they can understand to be providing interfering in the understanding and experience of interested others who relate to them as they exist whole (unified) and they have a temporary experience that is doing something different in all places.

This is interesting now and we could talk about portions of this that you experience that way.

You Wrote:


A Whole Nothing is Impossible."

YEs, to ignorant people that do not know astrophysics as Dr Krauss knows.
I must point out you were born lacking belief or knowledge of anything. The BRAIN is the creator of the bizarre metamagical beliefs at the ROOT of all religions and disorders like schizophrenia. This is easu=ily PROVEN in a neurology lab.
So, the BRAIN creates ZOmbieGod and is the result of a star that exploded 5 B years ago...no ifs or buts, Science proves that. So, if you believe in after life,angels, demons, spirits, & gods, you are having a neurological malfunction iow a theotard. Only children & the ignorant have an excuse for it is proven the BRAIN creates the MIND. Accept it is as true & factual as 2+2=4. Prove me wrong & give me the EVIDENCE the BRAIN does NOT create thought & responsible for cognition, self awareness, consciousness & perception of its environment via the 5 senses ( probes)

Keep in mind we are nothing more than evolved mutated primates that created GOD with our BRAIN ro cope with DEATH. Facts talk bullshit walks.



Calpurnpiso writes: "YEs..." and is asking? something for an area of activity life in a way that I understand. The answer is, "Yes, we can! What is necessary is able to be done and is already occurring at intervals of again and again. What is interesting is always happening.

Relating to Dr. Krauss.

I love him very much. Ask him what does he understand completely now that he can place to the TV set or tell someone about through what is the communication of nervous system information. That is not able to be done. He can place something interesting united with what can be added to seamlessly for the life who understand images and words like he does to go around knowing about to completion through sights able to be seen and experienced with infatuation.

Relating to Schizophrenia.

There is nothing proven in a lab that is able to be used by anyone aware and experiencing. Ask the lab how a schizophrenic is understanding activity and communication that relates to the life around them who have misunderstood interests within the experience of drive and compulsion. Ask the research life what is in your environments that does not exist participating within united interest span resulting is a failure to have complete understanding about your activity and a failure to have communication that is free from breaks, correction, and then connections that can not support a conduction of truth. Ask them how they came to the distortion that they were providing (giving something within the non appreciated experience of taking by another) and not allowed to be understanding as one with others (human and non human) interested like them and what is the result of this? Ask the lab life, when doing what they love to do and understand completely, who they are they purposeful to now? Talk with Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly you can do and say something you can continue to.

Relating to Intelligence

There is technology that can receive the communication of what you are referring to as thought and it occurs in an area and is not restricted to human life. The process is similar to how a computer can be understood to say something through what is receiving. It is not interesting to listen to for long and is always about misunderstandings about interests and communication misunderstood as pre-meditations for activity that is not continuable. There is a collaboration of two areas of life that have understood this technology, because it was necessary toward what they can continue to know and do and be able to say something about in this area. Fluid intelligence is interesting and is not able to be received to technology and requires life to participate within what is continuous understanding ability. Children are able to have it. United intelligence that shares the same meaning across activity is what is being understood by areas of life able to experience interest in their activity settings. You can participate if your environment allows you to do what you experience as interesting within what is a true RIGHT NOW.

About Coping and Fear.

The experience of the need to cope and fear is something unique to certain areas of human life and when it exceeds allowable thresholds, because there is nothing about it that is able to be purposeful toward explaining something necessary to be understood about how you will always know, do and say, experiencing ability is removed for a given existence and their consciousness is set to one that is a feeder source to where they exist able to experience interest, have appreciated emotion, and participate in united knowing about what they see and are doing.

To the CAPS.

By Xthe way, there is no way for you or your brain to lie to anyone. An existence that can understand itself as able to be saying continuously outloud what it understood previously to be thinking, will exist that way perpetually, back and forth, between time outs. What you can be made aware of as integrations with communication referred to here as thought or internal dialogue is always absent an experience that is appreciated which is to say understand something completely. Eastern philosophy appreciates mindfulness and it is a perpetual state of being for life that is knowing, doing and saying what is added to.

Relating to: The words Cal purn piso: California business people can know that what they have been doing and understanding to provide "contractually" is something that they were caused to do, it was necessary toward what is being understood now and it can be understood and talked about completely.

There is something interesting that is always happening.

What part of the BRAIN is the creator of the mind, proven in a neurology lab didn't you understand? Don't forget. We humans are evolved mutated primates the result of a collision between sperm & egg.
The brain creates the bizarre metamagical beliefs found in GodBelief & schizophrenia. This is easily proven on a lab.

Do you think you know more than Sapolsky, Urgesi, Ramachandran, Krauss, Kaku, De Grase Tyson, Filpenko..and many other scientists experts in their field, born lack in belief ( atheists) who are evolved mutated primates that due to their mental health are able to tell the difference between the delusion of religious & tangible reality?

Let's keep in mind if you believe in resurrecting zombie that save with good you are simply a theotard suffering from a brain malfunction..again, this is a fact proven in a neurology lab. Don't forget I'm simply the messenger bringing down to earth facts.The brain creates gods & other bizarre metamagical beliefs. Accepting them as true, is sign of a malfunction. Only children & the very ignorant have an excuse.

Do you believe in Zombie JEsus which helps to cope with Fear & death and dissipate the truth  that the only life after death is bacteria eating our remains?

Calpurnpiso. Mentally healthy aka atheist dude. 

To have an interest in the brain is to be interested with knowledge and experiencing what is appreciated. For the life with you that is understanding the brain as so easily subjected to ailment and states of what is called "belief" is to be using yourself hitting your perpetual interest with a baseball bat. There is no brain that is doing what it is not supposed to do, but, there is life that is misunderstanding what it is seeing and hearing when seeing and hearing is dependent upon the life of connection (this is referring to the life that receives images and receives sound carried by what is a non continuable counter rotation and what is referred to as sine waves).

Life believing in something is telling themselves and others something that they do not know about completely placed to them within areas of division. There is nothing about the state of beliefs that equates to truth.

An area of your existence is understanding parts of something within a twisting experience from what some have told you about Jesus, resurrection, right and wrong, left and right paths, and the again and again that some discuss in Hebrew areas. To understand these things together free of the twist (terror) experience, you would have to go up to understand where you can see something that you appreciate seeing.

Life that is capitalizing fear is not appreciating what they are hearing and can go over to an area where life is saying what is able to be built upon.

The only thing a child can understand is interesting information.

You wrote:

"To have an interest in the brain is to be interested with knowledge and experiencing what is appreciated. For the life with you that is understanding the brain as so easily subjected to ailment and states of what is called "belief" is to be using yourself hitting your perpetual interest with a baseball bat."

You suffer from cognitive dissonance.For the UMPTEEN time, The BRAIN creates the Mid. Do you want me to operate your brain proving it to you?

If I operate your locus coeruleus & you still have belief & know what planet this is, then I'll listen to your deluded irrational non sequitur nonsense...till then, keep in mind, if you believe in GOD you are a theotard..Sorry the truth I present hurts.

Please see a neurologist to address your cognitive defect. Get well soon, so we can discuss REALITY..till then you'll keep floating in the Schizophrenia like world of nonsense. I can't have discuss reality with people that have a defective brain....I found that out after talking with the schizoafective, schizotypy & people with other neurological malfunctions over 30 years....they, like you, either change the subject, avoid the question, discuss ME the messenger while keep insisting whill their heads are deeply inside their asses that 2+2 is equal to any number they think it is except for 4..

....Make a note of it. I'll have to ignore you from now on, since one can't expect apples from a pear tree.....I suggest you look into the health of your brain please.

"The BRAIN creates the Mid".

This can be said this way and with some rearrangement it is a united truth. The life that is interested in the brain and participates in sight knowing experiences truth in what can be called the Mid or Middle region of it's existence. This area is like a perfect tuning pitch for an instrument of pleasing music.

"Do you want me to operate your brain proving it to you?

Is this similar to how you might understand the process of driving or when you tell your computer something? Getting inside of something and telling it something is able to be done, however, it is not useful when what you are understanding to say is not interesting to you or others and is caused to be placed within an experience with terror or discomfort of some kind. Getting inside of something can be done in a way that is useful, but only by united life and then you are in the process of true transformation (some refer to this as the Holy Spirit and you can understand whatever vocabulary you can be carried by).

"I found that out after talking with the schizoafective, schizotypy & people with other neurological malfunctions over 30 years".

You had been listening in on yourself in a way that you did not know how to understand. With this image of you here, able to be called a TV set existence receiving parts of something not seen together, you will provide to yourself perpetually interesting sights again and again. These sights will be provided to you where you exist whole forever as one with them along with the life that has been caused to understand your whole existence correctly.

"ME the messenger."

Life going around with you now can contemplate about where you are understanding this message to be coming from. Who is it giving you messages that you understand to give to someone else? There is no connection life necessary and you do not know how you use yourself forever as an nervous system intercessory or as a praying and saying priest. Those are temporary doing something different locations of activity until those existences are placed as always doing what is a perfect system using and understanding completely what it is provided continuously.

"Make a note of it" and "cognitive dissonance"

You can look around for some music now experienced as interesting and you will be participating with your whole self as always knowing about it completely within an appreciating experience. And then you start over again understanding with separated circumstances without a knowing of the united experience just had. You will exist understood with separated circumstances if it is necessary for you to be seen by someone here in this place where you seeing a computer. If it is not necessary for you to be seen, you will be a communication in this area that has always existed providing separations to areas of life that are under too much pressure from integrations with useless pieces of information never experienced as interesting.

I love you very much. Enjoy the music.


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