Is There Any Ex-Mennonites or Ex-Amish On This Site?

I am looking for people who are ex-mennonite or ex-amish or anyone who is familiar with the religion and way of life. I was raised mennonite and have recently left the really disturbed and confused about what really happens in these churches and need some advice and help to start a website for others like me who want to leave or have already left. If that's you hit me up.

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Jessica - I don't need to tell you that your text is black against a black background - that happens once in a while, and I don't know exactly why. Go back into your post and click on the "HTML" button on the top right of your toolbar. Your post will change to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and just before your paragraph, you will see something that looks like this: <span style="color: #XXXXXX;"> - where I've typed X's, you should see two letters and a series of four numbers, highlight and delete everything between the first bracket < and the last > including the brackets, then hit, "Add Reply" or "Save" and your text should appear normal.

I used to own a club and restaurant just eleven miles from an Amish community - we used to buy milk and eggs from them. From the outside, they appeared to be kind, caring people, but I'm hot at all sure I would have liked being raised in such a community.

Slightly off topic, but I live in an area where the Amish have cornered the market on house framing (I once met Noah, the "Amish Godfather"). There are some laws in place in Cleveland that require people from the local community to work on certain projects, so occasionally you will see inner city folks working side by side with Amish carpenters. 

The Amish have a dress code that more or less requires that the clothes they wear be made within their community, often by their mothers. But OSHA requires safety glasses, and Mom can't make those. So the workers wear the traditional garb, homemade jeans, cotton shirt, and a straw hat, but they love Oakley sunglasses that make them look like they are moving 150 miles an hour.

Saw an add for an Amish Mafia TV show. Had to laugh thinking about the "high speed" chases

If you think THAT sounds exciting, you ain't seen NUTHin' til you've flown Amish Airlines!


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