Is There Any Ex-Mennonites or Ex-Amish On This Site?

I am looking for people who are ex-Mennonite or ex-Amish or anyone who is familiar with the religion and way of life. I was raised Mennonite and have recently left the really disturbed and confused about what really happens in these churches and need some advice and help to start a website for others like me who want to leave or have already left. If that's you hit me up.

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I am an ex-Amish atheist. It's good to meet another atheist from a very conservative background!

Hi! So glad to know I'm not alone! I struggle a lot about it and it hurts because my family doesn't understand that I still love them and just don't agree with that life style anymore.

You're not alone. We may be very few and far between but we exist.

Having a website for Amish who intend to leave the church seems a bit pointless :p

That's fucking really funny. Like, made my morning. Maybe billboards, or a book. Do the Amish read books that are not the bible?

It must be true - I saw it on "My Name Is Earl"!

Here's my personal blog if you are curious what one ex-Amish boy's thoughts are on the Amish and the rest of religion;

Hey thanks for that link, XAA, I found your blog to be thoughtful, grammatical (grin, because that always matters to me) and educational - I do so like learning new things, or hearing things from a new standpoint.

While I'm neither of the above, if you need technical help setting up the site, or someone to do the technical administration, etc., let me know.

(Oh, and your post rendered as a dark purple on a black background. Horribly hard to read!)

I was raised in a beachy amish home. That is very similar to conservative mennonites. My faith has been dead for about 4 years now but i have yet make this public information. After leading a pretty wild lifestyle during my rumspringa years i had very very sincere conversion about 2001. For the next 8 years i was the model of an extremely devoted christian before having my faith complete demolished by higher criticism of the bible. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is an microscopic analisis of the bible from a literary standpoint. Email me at

Good Guy Amish

Jessica - I don't need to tell you that your text is black against a black background - that happens once in a while, and I don't know exactly why. Go back into your post and click on the "HTML" button on the top right of your toolbar. Your post will change to HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), and just before your paragraph, you will see something that looks like this: <span style="color: #XXXXXX;"> - where I've typed X's, you should see two letters and a series of four numbers, highlight and delete everything between the first bracket < and the last > including the brackets, then hit, "Add Reply" or "Save" and your text should appear normal.


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