Is there an energy substance, element, material, natural or artificial resource with attributes such that: When its moved it loses energy. When its intact, untouched and unmoved it contains energy.

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If it has Mass (M) then it has Energy (E).

Gravity imbues such a quality on objects; the more massive it is or the higher it is, the more energy it has. However, getting the energy from the object can be a challenge.

This is why only water is used at present by mankind. The heat from the sun causes evaporation doing the work of lifting the water imparting the energy into the water. The water vapor falls as rain onto various elevations of land then it can become a part of a river. The higher the elevation of the river, the more energy it has. We harness such energy through hydroelectric facilities where the falling water pushes the blades in turbines which generates electricity for us to use.

In a sense an electrical capacitor functions in this way. It is a storage device but it does not physically move itself.

A mouse trap?

A pessimist?


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