I was just wondering. I mean I have definitely heard a lot of BAD arguments that try to prove god exists, the bible is true, etc etc.


We've all heard the many faulty arguments containing fallacies and nonsense before.


But I can't think of any argument which makes logical sense that does support the existence of god, accuracy of the bible, or the justification of a religion before.


Please bring up one, I am interested to hear a good argument from a theist standpoint.



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Arguments about religion are generally kind of pointless, because they boil down to epistemology and an argument between two epistemologies is like a boxing match between people standing in different rings. 


Those arguments generally boil down to something along the lines of the following:

Scientist:  The scientific explanation is the simplest one that takes into account all of the facts (usually, but the religious one always has unnecessary multiplicity of entities), and that is the definition of truth Q.E.D. we evolved.

Christian: No, the book of Genesis says that God created the world in seven days, and Usher showed that the world isn't more than six thousand years old.  Q.E.D. evolution is false

Hindu: You're both wrong!  The Bagvad Ghita clearly states that the different castes were made of the body parts of the Brahmin!

Scientist: But that's absurd! Those are totally unscientific fairy tales! The truth is the simplest explanation that takes into account all of the facts...







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