I was just wondering. I mean I have definitely heard a lot of BAD arguments that try to prove god exists, the bible is true, etc etc.


We've all heard the many faulty arguments containing fallacies and nonsense before.


But I can't think of any argument which makes logical sense that does support the existence of god, accuracy of the bible, or the justification of a religion before.


Please bring up one, I am interested to hear a good argument from a theist standpoint.



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@ Fred

I am very glad you made this response, it clears much to me. I was just so confused by the last post you made. Again, I sincerely apologize for being rude by trying to insult your intelligence.  I guess you could say I was grouchy after having so many arguments with religious people lately. It just makes me angry when I talk to so many stubborn people.


With that being said, now that I understand what you've said, I'm just not going to write my reply to your post because I'm too tired to write a response haha. 

If god could be inferred by critical thinking then sacrificial value faith would disappear.and salvation by faith would disappear in Christianity.

No.  There are only a limited number of arguments.  They keep getting re-packaged and recycled but they all boil down to circular reasoning, arguments from authority (including popularity), usefulness (which is just an admission that religion is false), lies, and threats.



I exist because the universe requires a creator. You're limited minds cannot comprehend what I am.
Hahahahaha... I wonder if god is an atheist? Made my day this.
No, but according to the reasoning of the religious and agnostics, god must be an agnostic.  After all, it's impossible to know anything with certainty--or so they tell me.
Now spit out your own tail and prove that the Universe requires a creator to move on to level 2.
Too bad Angie Shields hasn't logged on in almost a week. I would've liked to hear her good reasons for still believing there is a god.

My best guess is that she saw herself being pushed by a lot of people to tell what her arguments for still believing there is a god are and started typing them and realized how awful those arguments really are and avoided posting anymore so she wouldn't have to answer our questions. :)


Unless Angie herself posts her arguments, I am not going to comment on any presumed arguments.



Sometimes God is an individual interpretation that fill a psychological need and then that person may stay away from established religious traditions and them create their own theology...


This applies to a lot of theists, that have their own reasons which are mostly formed by their need of knowing that there is something for them after they die, after all, death is the number two fear, after public speaking. This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy. (Seinfeld) :)

yea seriously why believe in something if you cant even provide AN argument. ANY argument.


Love that Seinfeld quote btw haha.


I'm kinda disappointed by this post because I was expecting some sort of valid argument supporting religion. I mean seriously I've watched many videos of debates between an atheist and theist and the theist ends up getting humiliated in the end and looks like an idiot simply because their argument made no sense logically. I was hoping someone would find something opposite of that and post it here....But I guess it doesn't go both ways.


I posted the same topic on my facebook and expected some feedback from my friends (many of which are religious). Whenever they replied with some mumbo jumbo bullspit (i.e. the earth is the perfect distance from the sun, noahs ark existed, or saying the bible can be taken literally) I would provide an argument which disproved their beliefs.


It's funny because after I provide a valid argument that totally disproves them and makes complete sense logically they just stop replying to me, as if they 'let me win' pretty much. I feel bad offending my friends this way but seriously I don't take 'faith' as an argument. It's either you believe in 'faith' or you believe in science and facts. Stop trying to mix these up. I dont mind people having their opinions and beliefs as long as they don't try to justify them with lies or bad arguments. 



The main reason why you haven't received what you were looking for - a decent argument for religion and/or god, in almost 100 posts - is that there are no such arguments, so far. I added 'so far' because, well, you never know. Keep an open mind!
Honestly I DO consider myself to be very open minded. I'm agnostic-atheist for a reason. Like you said, I just personally have never heard a logical argument for religion and/or god and that is why i chose to drop religion personally.



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