I was just wondering. I mean I have definitely heard a lot of BAD arguments that try to prove god exists, the bible is true, etc etc.


We've all heard the many faulty arguments containing fallacies and nonsense before.


But I can't think of any argument which makes logical sense that does support the existence of god, accuracy of the bible, or the justification of a religion before.


Please bring up one, I am interested to hear a good argument from a theist standpoint.



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I can't understand what's with you people. You say that you put your hope in different things - that would mean that false hope turned into actual hope, but you still say that it helps people for giving them false hope. WHY DOES IT HELP PEOPLE? Because it keeps them in the dark? Sure, that helps a lot.

what is so wrong about that ?

seriously ?

whatever helps you cope .. I would never deprive you of that

if you want to keep a dream catcher above your bed to take away the nightmares .. I would buy you one if it helps

if religious people want to believe there is a place to go after they die ... meh .. so what ?

how does that harm you personally ?

I want to say that I have nothing against religion practiced voluntarely and that doesn't harm anybody. If all religious people would do that, I wouldn't even think about religion, except in special cases.


But, because there still are many generations that just inherited religion and not decided one day, after studying more than one religion, that they want to be a part of a particular one, I can't just not think about religion, or not consider it evil. A lot of those that say they researched their religion, they didn't actually do more than fit their beliefs to the new evidence/information they learned/read/heard about. That's why I still have a major problem with religion, because a lot of people are not religious really by choice and because a lot of children are still fed religious crap from early age. That's another reason why religion is evil.

@ Richmond

Don't get picky here. But maybe I wasn't clear enough for you. I was asking for any argument supporting god exists, any argument that the bible is a nonfiction work, any argument justifying theists' beliefs, etc.  I guess I was asking for an argument justifying the beliefs of the religion--not the real life parts of religion.


Also, side-note, I believe we can have all the positive things you mentioned above WITHOUT the existence of religion.

I made deal with myself not to listen to Muslims or Christians and to develop my knowledge being active

in here is a kind of developing my knowledge and from time to another I take a quiz to check my atheist level..


A friend of mine came to me and said, atheist's do not like the idea of Hell.. I said sure they dont...

then he said, dont worry there is no hell.. Yahweh loves you.. and I said, What? are you Kidding me,, he said no,, really there is no Hell...Yahwists do not believe in Hell..

...and we Yahwists are the roots of Abrahamic religions... I just said to him your Yahweh is cute.. but Please... dont convince me I am happy with my atheism....


I just do not like headaches...

I don't think I've ever heard a good argument. They all seem so ridiculous. I work with a guy that tries to convert me all the time. One of the ones he always says is "Well look at how complicated the human eye is. That couldn't have happened randomly! Someone had to have created us!" What an awful argument.
Justin there is a difference between a good argument to convert you personally and a good argument for religion for others overall.

Richmond is right, there is a difference between arguments to convert you personally and arguments for religion in general. For example, some may convert to a religion because it gives them power.


I think it's actually a good thing to have someone like your co-worker around for experience. Of course, it would be better if religion would not exist...

You should be careful to separate arguments for a specific religion and arguments for an abstract god that somehow pre-arranged the Big Bang.


For the first case, almost all religions contradict Nature, disregard the finiteness of the Earth's resources, etc, and in general, are extremely stupid. So I cannot imagine a good argument - one having an empirical basis - for any specific religion, or branch of religion.


For the second case, the fine tuning of the phyisical parameters of the universe can make one think, but it can also be dismantled easily. 


Also, I find it disgusting to use abstract arguments for specific religions.

More theists/deists on here than I thought.


Anyways, I have yet to receive a good argument....hmmph.


Also lol @ people getting sidetracked..... Please provide me with a solid argument, that's all I ask for (if it exists) :)

I think the best you can get out of this is regular arguments posted by rookies who still fall for them. It would help if people who claim they have strong reasons for believing a god exists would actually say what those reasons are. That's why I kept asking Angie Shields, because she kept saying that she has good reasons for believing that a god exists, but kept avoiding actually saying what those reasons are.

There is no argument for religion, however, the  best speculation for religion is that we are gods that came out of nowhere after the big bang by some black box (evolution, aliens,creation?), and given a billion years we most definitely will do what any god could do. So is there someone before us in the infinity of the Multiverse?



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