I've said elsewhere that this was probably the last election where the Republicans stood a real chance of gaining the American Presidency with a program that mainly appeals to prosperous suburban whites and holds little appeal to most women and almost no appeal at all to racial minorities. 

If the GOP is to survive, what do you think it would have to look like? What could it possibly look like?

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RE: "When do you anticipate having a woman President?"

Actually, in 2008, believing that after 8 W-years, ANY Democrat who snagged the nomination would win. I truly believed Hillary would be it, and was surprised and disappointed when Obama blew her out of the water - certainly not because of his skin color, I've been active in civil rights for years, but just because I found cause to have faith in Hillary.

But (IMO) he has turned out to be an intelligent, gracious, competent President that I believe will go on to do some remarkable things over the next four years.

I agree that ObamaCare is an issue, but I believe the biggest problem to be - and this is ENTIRELY Obama's fault - he didn't sit down, on TV, with the American Public, and in a "Fireside Chat," give even the more dense of us a clear picture of exactly what ObamaCare was all about. This failure, left his program wide open for the opposition to say whatever they liked with little concern for refutation, as the average American had no way of knowing what was true and what wasn't.

"We're more past racism than Europe is."

That's bull. You've had a sizable black minority for 200 years, we've had a sizable muslim/MENA minority for 30 years. 

It took you so long to get one?

Who are the highest-placed muslim/MENAs in your government?

Even here in the supposedly racist Southeastern US, the governor of Louisiana is Bobby Jindal, an ethnic East Indian! He didn't get there on the ethnic Indian vote.

I might add that there are many many many black politicians across the US. Mayors, congressmen, and even our President.

Boy, this is fun!

First of all, we don't elect PMs here, we vote for parties which propose candidates (which may becumulated.) My favorite minority candidate at the moment is Abid Raja, but he is a representative of my second choice party.

Of the most prominent minority candidates you will find recently appointed Minister of Culture, Hadia Tajik, which is the first muslim minister. Akhtar Chaudry is one of the parliamentary vice presidents ("speaker"). 

We've tried a few other multiculti politicians which have clearly been promoted too early, minister Manuela Ramin-Osmundsen being forced out due to cronyism and MP Saera Khan spending thousands of dollars calling psychics on her government issued phone and lying about it.  

We've tried a few other multiculti politicians which have clearly been promoted too early.

You probably can't understand this, but in the US that would be thought of by many as a racist statement, given the context. It seems to imply that there aren't very many qualified nonwhite candidates, which begs the question: if things are so hunky-dory racially in Norway, why so few?

I think their track records speak for themselves, whether or not they'd be of color or female or handicapped or whichever minority group de jour is promoted, they royally fucked up the positions which they were granted. That's a far cry from saying that every member of a minority is unfit, it's merely evidence that we are so eager to promote minorities that due diligence seems to be disregarded in some cases. It should be noted that by law, 40% of board members of listed corporations need to be female.  

Whenever a suitable candidate for power rises from the minorities, he or she will hopefully be elected upon their promotion of policies, not their minority membership. To that end, my party is now fielding a female candidate for PM which holds an overwhelming favorite choice going into our elections in a year. Before that my party fielded a gay minister of finance. 

We've gotten a fairly long way here towards neutering nationalism and silencing discrimination to death, at least compared to where we started off (my grandfather's racism was quite expressed.) In many regards, much further than the US; who the candidate is just seems to matter less as opposed to what the candidate/party stands for.

We're more past racism than Europe is.

You're having a laugh!  Please provide the citation on which you base this belief. 

I cite my post. How close do you think the UK is to having an ethnic Pakistani as PM?

Probably somewhat later than the US has it's first female head of state...

Which could very easily be Hillary Clinton in 2016,.

I cite my post.  Fine. That's so overwhelmingly empirical, it's unarguable. 

My assertions are obviously just observations. There's nothing to cite. I referred to what I saw and heard four years ago from UK citizens. 

So, you seem totally unwilling to even guess when the first Pakistani, Indian, or African ethnic will become Prime Minister. I'll take that as you're not being very optimistic.


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