I've said elsewhere that this was probably the last election where the Republicans stood a real chance of gaining the American Presidency with a program that mainly appeals to prosperous suburban whites and holds little appeal to most women and almost no appeal at all to racial minorities. 

If the GOP is to survive, what do you think it would have to look like? What could it possibly look like?

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Clearly there is no biblical term for "the Middle-East," because when you're actually IN the Middle-East, then for you, the Middle-East would exist somewhere east of you.

Much as there is no East or West of the North Pole, only South.

But there are geographical locations in the Middle-East that are named. Why would you consider yourself in the "Middle-East," when you believe you live in the center of the Universe?

Sadly, theists might be considered at that moment, representatives of the anti-christ. The survivors might hunt them down and ....

That alternative future has not yet been televised or actualized. Great care must be taken with 'what you wish for'....;p(

As i said the wars had nothing to do with WMD's and they all knew that. The real reason for the wars was access to cheap oil. We are about to or even more likely have already reached peak oil.

i say already have since 2005 the production of crude oil has hovered around 73-75 million barrels despite record prices( 10 dollars a barrel in 1998. 100 dollars a barrel in 2012 even despite a worldwide recession) and ever increasing demand oil production) This is something you can bet your ass bush knew as hes energy adviser (Mathew Simmons)  was a major peak oil advocate.

Now i say what bush and cohorts did was understandable as our countries are addicted to oil and once productions starts on the downward curve after it peaks the ramifications are going to be severe for us. the world leaders  have realized oil has or is just about to peak which led upto the 140 dollars a barrel which caused the 2008 recession. currently our economies are being kept artificially afloat  by the bank bailouts, massive lending from the fed reserve and lowered interest rates but this cant go on for much longer as supply is going to start dwindling while demand keeps increasing. the US military predicts that in 2015 demand will outstrip supply by around 10 million barrels a day. When that happens 2008's recession will seem like a day at the park in comparison.

Now Americas only real survival plan is to have access to all the oil it can when this happens to buy it some time ,which means it needs a foothold in the middle east( Russia is out of the question as it has enough chemical weapons and nukes to leave America as  an irradiated sludge pit)

Now before you think i am just a conspiracy crackpot i want you to read some things.

a 2005 report commissioned by the American government on the implications of peak oil hirsch report

a 2010 report by the US military on peak oil ( you can skip to the part on energy and oil if you want) military report

a 2010 report from the German military with in depth implications on the likely consequences from peak oil( this report is interesting as it was leaked to the public before it went through the PR branch) report

The uk also had commissioned a study but has refused to reveal it to the public

I also want to add that you cant really blame bush for this. The real problem behind this is capitalism and  democracy in conjunction with us, the general public.

Capitalism is to blame as it is extremely short sighted. Its only focus is to make as much money as quickly as possible while, as the Hirsch report says, to mitigate most of the problems from peak oil it would require atleast a  20 year ramp up period with a vast capital expenditure.And 20 years ago there would have been zero chance you could find investors willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money  to start preparing for something that far in the future while there was so much easy money to be made elsewhere. There is also the fact that capitalism requires continues exponential growth to function which is just plain stupid in the long term. It is a simple mathematical fact that you cant have continues exponential growth in a finite system. here is actually a very good video that explains exactly what exponential growth means as humans are inherently very bad at understanding it.video

Democracy is to blame as our leaders are elected by the the general public,which is not very bright. If a president had made peak oil harm reduction a major campaign point where he promised to spend exorbitant prices to counter a problem that may only happen in two decades there would have been no chance of him being elected as people vote for the person who tells them what they want to hear. This would have been comparable to a president two decades ago basing hes campaign largely on global warming reduction. as the german military report says

"Gaining an illustrative picture of a subject is very much a matter of habit. When
considering the consequences of peak oil, no everyday experiences and only few historical
parallels are at hand. It is therefore difficult to imagine how significant the effects of being
gradually deprived of one of our civilization's most important energy sources will be.
Psychological barriers cause indisputable facts to be blanked out and lead to almost
instinctively refusing to look into this difficult subject in detail."

A wonder moment for FREE SPEECH!

An almost mic check!

Stories behind the 2012 presidential election. Shown: Mitt and Ann Romney on election night (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)Behind-the-scenes stories from election

Mitt Romney paid $25,000 for victory fireworks and was "shellshocked" by Obama's win.

Yeah, well, New Year's is right around the corner --

("But...but...Karl Rove SAID --!":(( crying)

And Karl Rove looks like a 'has been', but not on paper! His apparent ability to keep talking without achknowleging the other person in the room, means to me that he is afraid to stop talking else someone else will give him a dope slap! 

Charles Darwin gets 4,000 write-in votes in Georgia

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A Georgia congressman who attacked the theory of evolution found himself with an unlikely opponent in Tuesday's U.S. election, when 4,000 voters in one county cast write-in ballots for the 19th century father of evolution, British naturalist Charles Darwin.

Best vote: Charles "Fuck Paul Broun" Darwin



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