I've said elsewhere that this was probably the last election where the Republicans stood a real chance of gaining the American Presidency with a program that mainly appeals to prosperous suburban whites and holds little appeal to most women and almost no appeal at all to racial minorities. 

If the GOP is to survive, what do you think it would have to look like? What could it possibly look like?

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Actually, I can envision it centered in the Union Jack, sort of an, "all roads lead to" kind of thing --

In all seriousness, the UK and US really are great chums. Even moreso than the US and Canada. Being a part-time Anglophile I've always found it good practice in new social settings to seek out the nearest Brit and introduce myself. It's a lifelong effort I've never once had cause to regret. 

Since I mentioned Canada, let me add that I'm behind the border fence idea 100%.  Let's keep those Canadians from slipping across the border to steal our jobs, intermarry with our women, and skew our society with their foreign language and strange ways. I'm a third generation Canadian-American myself, so believe me, I know what those little bastards are capable of.

@ Gallup  My 85 year old British mother has a 92 year old Canadian boyfriend.  Put that in the demography pot!

What color is he? ;)

A wrinkly beige

There are way too many Canadian actors and musicians in the US, too! LOL

If Tony Blair was in any way typical (and before you get your knickers in a bunch, Strega, I'm kidding!), I can see your point --

@Arch  Knickers go in a twistPanties go in a bunch. 

But it's a great point.  Just because a statesman is black, or asian, or white, doesn't mean he represents the interests of the ethnic group he comes from.  Tony Blair might be white, but that doesn't mean he isn't also a twat.  When I vote, it is for policies, not ethnicity of the candidate.

I'm still trying to find internet information for the voting trends of divers ethnicity in the UK.

"Tony Blair might be white, but that doesn't mean he isn't also a twat.  When I vote, it is for policies, not ethnicity of the candidate."

So you voted for Major/Hague/Howard in '97/'01/'05?

We don't vote for Prime Ministers. 

In 1997 I lived in West Kensington, which is part of the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.  I voted for Iain Coleman (Labour), who at that time I felt best represented my views.  He (narrowly) beat Matthew Carrington to take the seat in parliament.

It would have been Iain and the Labour party that put Tony Blair up as leader.  As you may already know, the PM has to stand for election as an MP in his own constituency.  If they don't vote him in as their MP, he can't be PM.

I saw some US election commentary that explained Mitt could lose in Massachusetts but still be President.  That can't happen in the UK.  It is a different system.  Better or worse is a subjective opinion, but it does reduce the "X-Factor" sensationalism during the election run-up.

But here, Strega, as you doubtless know by now, Massachusetts doesn't offer him as a candidate - he simply, "throws his hat into the ring," or announces his desire to run for the position, then it's the job of all members of his party to vote for candidates among a roster of all who have expressed such a desire, within the Republican Party. The winner is nominated as that Party's candidate in the National Election.

It's a bit more complex than that, but that's for the benefit of those who might be here from other countries and be uncertain as to generally how it works. (Although there are those like Arcus, from Norway, who knows more about how this country works than I do!)

My apologies, the correct question should have been did you vote for the conservative with their implied PM candidates. We vote for parties here too, but it's hardly surprising as to whom ends up in the PM chair as the are on top of their party's list in their region and the only difference is that we don't have a FPTP system. 

Voting for Labour you did know that "the twat" Blair would be the PM candidate though, seeing as he represented a heavily Labour (since the thirties I believe) constituency. I just find it odd you would implicitly vote for a twat to run your country.

BTW, are you a Yes, Minister fan?



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