I've said elsewhere that this was probably the last election where the Republicans stood a real chance of gaining the American Presidency with a program that mainly appeals to prosperous suburban whites and holds little appeal to most women and almost no appeal at all to racial minorities. 

If the GOP is to survive, what do you think it would have to look like? What could it possibly look like?

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Risk their massive crazy christian fundamentalist base in exchange for a tiny crazy libertarian sliver? That sounds like a good trade, said no political strategist ever.

Hey Arcus,

If we're lucky the size of the "religious right" will decrease - kk

I didn't say become equal to Libertarians in all social issues. I said become more Libertarian. Saying yes to Civil Unions would gain more votes. Saying that they don't agree with abortion in the first trimester, but won't seek to ban abortions or overturn R v. W would gain them more votes. Saying no to things like authoritarian, warrant-less wire-taps will gain them more votes. There's lots of others!

Will they turn off some evangelic voters? Yep, but I think they can see now that white evangelicals are a dwindling voter base and that their base needs to expand. Becoming more socially liberal (read: moderate) will help them gain more members among independents and small government-minded Democrats.

And as Kir notes, the "nones" are growing. Evangelicals will continue to decrease in power on the national stage. Plus, who else are they going to vote for? They'll do what almost everyone else in the two-party system does: hold their nose and vote for the one that stinks less, which will ensure that Republicans will have their support regardless.

Just heard Rudy Guilani say pretty much the same thing on Anderson Cooper.

You think the GOP will become more like the Libertarian Party?

I think it'll become more moderate on social policy. Foreign policy might become less interventionist just because the neocons will start retiring form the lime-light. Economic policy I imagine will remain unchanged. So yes, I think they will move towards Libertarian Party policies.

To me it seems that this election was the death of the Tea Party. With all the horrible comments that came out of their party over women's rights, the 47% and so on, they were their own worst enemy. If the TP doesn't dissolve by 2016, they will at least have no political sway.

I honestly can't even imagine how the GOP can recover from the damage they did to themselves by going along with the far right all this time.

Didn't even mention how many "TP" Senators/Representatives were kicked out of office. That alone's going to leave them stinging. I mean heck, in my own state we gave Rick Mourdock the boot, and for a damn good reason. I'd prefer not to have anyone's political views "inflicted" on me. By that logic, Hitler had every right to "inflict" his views on the various peoples he put to death. There's a list a mile long of stupid, insensitive, and out-right WRONG things he's said...

Regrettably, Michelle Bachmann squeaked through for another 2 years. But surely Sarah Palin realizes that HER day is done. Maybe she could still do Dancing With the Stars - do they still have Holywood Squares?

With the current bat-shit craziness they received almost 50% of the vote, so there's that. They are in a fairly good position as they only need to maneuver a bit more into the territory of sanity and towards the center, and they can win by a landslide. If they do this, which I'm fairly certain they will have to do, the Democrats will be displaced further left, and thus risk losing many of their centrist voters. 

The GOP of Michael Steele and Jon Huntsman would run ring arounds the Democrats.

It amazes me how Romney and the GOP in general can't relate to how their prayers for an election victory went unanswered. It didn't seem to deter him though, as he offered his prayers for the Democrates in his "losers" speech.Do you think any of the GOP will attempt to play down the religious banter in 2016?   

Why would they? I would guesstimate that at least 90% of the people who vote are religious and maybe 50% of those deeply religious. There's also plenty of religion among minorities and women, which means that there's substantial gain to be party most closely aligned with religious values.


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