Keep this in mind while answering; its impossible to get a good price on a house or apartment and there are few jobs in the world, one might argue that the world's economy has failed

Are we overpopulated? 

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Nate- Have you never seen how nature "decides" to act towards a species that has entered overpopulation? The results are never pretty and , if left unchecked ,ours will be exquisitely  spectacular. As we are not like those stupid animals, who could at best only destroy the environment of a continent or two.No , we are intelligent after all and so have decided to mess up the environment over the whole bloody planet at once.

The problem with waiting until nature makes it quite clear that it has reached it's limits is that by that point the consequences are invariably disastrous  Now i know you will consider this elitist and misanthropic but there is a clear answer to stop those people breeding like rabbits, and that is to make sure they get a roof over their heads. food, an education , work and most importantly  a social structure that will take care of them to some degree in their old age . It turns out that people of any race tend to breed like rabbits if they live in a shit country where the only security net they have when they are old or injured is their  family.

Now i know you consider giving them a somewhat better  life  to "have a eugenic/racist notion in it's subcontext."  but nevertheless i am still in favour of it. As not only does it stop them breeding like rabbits, it also stops them taking religion so seriously. A win win in my view. 

Absolutely - the planet simply cannot sustain our continued growth, any more than my garden can withstand a grasshopper invasion. Regrettably, business requires an increasing population, in order to expand markets. Possibly a change in priorities is in order.

This is Hans Rosling, on the subject of global population growth, at a TED conference.  For those with limited bandwidth, it's about ten minutes long.

And well worth the watch - the guy is intelligent, funny, and makes an excellent point.

That has been an interesting 10 minutes

Great Video and excellent presentation.

Absolutely fantastic video, very well argued I would say. 

See, the thing of it is, is, that in order to make more money, home builders, and sellers of all sorts of products, DEPEND on the population growing, but our environment simply won't support that. I wouldn't like to see government intervene, as in China, with its "one child" policy, but we HAVE to curtail our population growth, despite what that might do to the economy, because if we lose the ability to feed ourselves, what good will a robust economy do?

Breeding restrictions in china seem to answer that question, considering Asians have the largest landmass, and they are the dominant variation of humans on the planet.


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