I'll call them by their original call letters, ISIS, even though they tend to go by ISIL more nowadays.

This groups is sweeping across Iraq and threatens adjoining countries, using terror tactics that would have made Nazi storm troopers blush. They force conversion with threats of torture and death.Committing war crimes they joyfully document in videos (NSFW or weak stomachs) they gleefully distribute via the Internet. Just google on "isis executions" in google video if you think you can stand to watch.

They arm themselves both with captured weapons (usually high-quality American made weapons) and they purchase more weapons with money obtained by raiding currency and gold and other valuables stolen from banks in their conquered territories.

Should the US stand by and watch ISIS sweep across the Middle East and possibly even Europe, or is it time to nip this thing in the bud before it reaches Madrid, Paris, Rome, London, and the White House?

Should Obama let the chips fall where they may? or should he put American boots on the ground? or did he wait too long?

What will be the price if we go down the road of isolationism?

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ǝllǝıuɐp bases a lot of her "facts" on Youtube videos. So, what Youtube video did that idea come from, ǝllǝıuɐp?

Was not just a youtube video… several videos, websites , blogs including RT News.

Calling RT News (Putin) "news" is like calling Fox News (Murdock) "news" both are just propaganda channels.

You are being asked to assemble your evidence in a cohesive manner so why don't you do that?

Well I spend most of my time doing my artwork, not collecting website links(and you know how reliable they are over time, as a web page is not fixed in time on a server like a book is on a shelf), I have seen websites expiring , removed and even blocked by government ass-kissing ISPs.


Youtube's no good.  What you need to do is cite OpEds and other opinion pieces that concur with your opinion.  Don't forget the crème de la crème:  CELEBRITY opinions.  And don't forget to ridicule others who do the same thing, and their sources.

you can't tell me what to do… i have a mind of my own.

Everyone has a mind of their own, though that hardly makes the case for it being of any particular use.


Hmm, for a minute here, I was hoping to read all about a surefire way to defeat ISIS, not to mention Islam.

Carpet bomb the middle-east with gummy bears laced with Johnnie Walker Black, that should do it. :)

Make it Johnnie Walker Blue and and they can bomb my house.

The Blue is $200 a pop, it's too good to waste.  The Black is a reasonable choice.


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