A theist has recently made this claim to me online. I have to say this is a new one on me, I have never heard anyone claim that the universe is actually shrinking.

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Simple answer no, and is best explained with Hubble's law.

What can you expect from someone who thinks that a magical sorcerer created the universe? ...that He created a human son through "immaculate conception" (no disgusting semen was involved) who then walked on water, converted water to wine, and cast demons into pigs? ...who "loves" us enough to have created a lake of hellfire that nonbelievers can look forward to if they don't kowtow to Him?

Technically, immaculate conception means that Mary was born free of Original Sin. Not to be confused with the virgin birth

"Free of original sin" means very little because it means so much or so many different things. Check out all the different interpretations in the Wikipedia entry to see what I mean. But I take your point.

Yeah, when I learned that the universe was expanding at an exponential rate I thought right away.. could that make it a young universe?

I mean, i'd imagine the life cycle of a universe might be like an explosion or ripples in a pond where it moves outwards quickly and slows down as it ends.

They have evidence as well supporting the possibility of a multiverse. (Which to me would be further evidence against god.) Meaning there are millions/billions or  even infinite other universes out there. Personally, I am certain there are is other universes, fields or oceans of them. To me it just seems natural. And it seems elitist,isolatist and primitive of us to assume ours is the only one. If there is a multivere how would that work for god? Now god didn't just create the big bang...? Now he would have to create all the big bangs! The problem though to me is.. if god created us in his image and the universe to house us... then WHY did he create millions of others?

However that also goes for our current picture of the universe... our planet is so fucking small that our galaxy itself would be enough.. in fact WAY too much to house us...so why all the other galaxies?

There is no direct evidence of multiple universes. Multiple dimensions and universes are all purely mathematical and theoretical concepts. They look very nice on paper, but that's it....so far

The very fact that a Theist would make such a claim shows how badly they understand anything Scientific. Another case of wondering how the moon got there - I mean how did it get there and how does it make moonlight??? lol.

According to every Cosmologist out there, it's expanding. That being said, until they're all diagnosed with bulimia and colorblindness I'll side with them over some theist. 

What do bulimia and colorblindness have to do with anything?

 Would seem when you comment on things drinking all night any attempt at being pithy fails. LOL

I think  I meant anorexia, in respect a distorted view of reality And referencing red-green colorblindness since red-shift is indicative the expansion of the universe. That's my guess anyway. 

Did he cite any evidence to support this claim?

Not only is it not shrinking, its expansion is accelerating. Here's a good link explaining how the universe is expanding and will be continuing to do so:



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