I want to get a tattoo. I have ALWAYS wanted one and I finally know exactly what I want. In planning to go under the needle I have been researching etc etc...

Then I came across some unsettling articles that state basically the scientific evidence hasn't been done...so NO ONE KNOWS the real health risks...

see: http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/news/2011/tattoo-inks-fa...

I am asking this question to benefit anyone who either has a tattoo or others like me considering it. My personal concern is the potential risk of birth defects because I am planning on having more children. I have plenty of childbearing life ahead of me and I'm getting my body ready for another baby....so reading the unsettling news of the "unknown" has made me think about possibly putting my tattoo plans on hold until my childbearing/breastfeeding days are over...(Which will be YEARS from now, I'm only 31.)

So generally speaking, here's my questions: Knowing that there is some scary stuff in tattoo ink, is the risk worth it?

What do you think? Am I just being paranoid? Or should I "relax already" LOL!!!!

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Google "buffoon" while you're at it.


you got class... 

Think I'll run out and get a tattoo on my ass of Max Headroom...

For an actual 'classy' tattoo, I would suggest PI to 1000 places!

You know something practical....

Who's that?

A woman with a tramp stamp is more promiscuous
A woman without a tramp stamp is less promiscuous.

That's a common attitude as I've demonstrated. Why can't you address the attitude?

Because then you lose the discussion.

Why is it so hard for you, Noel, and a couple others to "get" that I'M NOT MAKING GENERALIZATIONS, I'M DESCRIBING ONES WHICH I'VE SHOWN ARE ALREADY OUT THERE. 

You can have your own opinions, as you clearly do, but you can't have your own facts. Did you read the three articles I linked to? They show that these are not my views, they are attitude that are out there. They are facts.

At the same time, unless one holds the absurd view that how one presents oneself to the world has no connection to inner beliefs and attitudes to such things as politics and sex, then we can safely conclude that, as a group these groupswill have different beliefs and behaviors about many things. As a group, for example, artistic people tend (note the word "tend") to be more liberal than the general public about politics and sex. I'm speculating, but bike gangsters (as opposed to family-oriented motorcycling groups) may be conservative on politics but very liberal when it comes to sex. Once again, one can make generalizations about aggregations one can't make about individuals.

If you say such generalizations don't apply to you, swell, I've never contradicted that as long as we're talking about just you. At the same time, I've been talking about common perceptions. While such perceptions probably have at least a kernel of truth, they can be wildly wrong about an individual. That won't keep these perceptions from being applied to you. That has been my only point as far as you're concerned. I'm sorry if it stings, but it's the truth.

You must have missed the part where I said I understand your point Unseen.

I didn't miss it. It's just that I don't see evidence that you really get it.

There are some things you've said however, especially about "how a horny guy gets laid," that I would guess are generalizations, or perhaps opinion/personal experience?

OF COURSE they are generalizations. I've described them as such many, many times, making the point (which you don't seem to get at all) that generalizations allow for occasional exceptions, of which you might well be one. It's just that that won't matter to the horndogs because they don't know you yet.

A nurse/paramedic is no more likely to be "easy" than an insurance agent if they have all the other characteristics you had listed.

Well, that's very unlikely.

I would think they would be less easy because they know more about the medical facts of STD's and drunken related accidents and injuries and would be sick of touching people after a long hard 12 hour day. Is that a generalization? Yes.

But nurses, EMT's and paramedics see death frequently. They are reminded more often than the rest of us of how our lives can be cut short before we really get a chance to live. But suppose I'm wrong on that point, it means nothing in terms of what I've been saying, which is generally true: Even if it's wrong, some horndog will be using it to judge women he runs into on his quest for a piece of tail.

The studies (admittedly) have value, but some of your anecdotal comments seem just as experiential as Noel's example of knowing hard working professional women who are not deviant who sport tattoos. I think you and Noel could both be right and it would be OK. What do you think?

The difference between Noel (and you to some extent) and me is that I don't use anecdotes in an attempt to contradict facts. Every generalization will have exceptions, otherwise it would be a law or rule, not a generalization.

So says Jerome Koch, a sociologist with Texas Tech University's "Body Art Team" -- true moniker -- which surveyed 1,753 students at four colleges and found a correlation between multiple tattoos or piercings and "deviant behavior."

LOL "students at four colleges"

Yep, that's a good cross section of Americans with an opinion, LOL.

Four colleges, yes, but getting pretty close to 2000 students, 

I think it's noteworthy that many of the students self-identified as promiscuous. In other words, they labeled themselves that way. It wasn't a label imposed by Koch.

I think it says a lot that most of the replies to my comments are males. I think it tends to imply that the women understand what I'm saying better than the males do, probably because they are the ones who have to live with these attitudes. They probably also know that different groupings of women do differ in terms of openness to "no strings" sexual encounters, sex on first sight/first date, etc.


I've just checked with the male population of the world and the consensus is that you have one week to turn your male card. LOL


It seems unlikely that we are going to change the course of culture and it's 'nuttyness' any time soon. One possibility is to sit back, get a cold drink, and enjoy the show! If you can let your anthropolist vision go a little you might even enjoy it.

Once during a Pagan Fall Equinox gathering, it took me three days of 'observation', and 'clothing optional style shows', before I jumped the bon-fire nude. Atleast nothing was injured.


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