I want to get a tattoo. I have ALWAYS wanted one and I finally know exactly what I want. In planning to go under the needle I have been researching etc etc...

Then I came across some unsettling articles that state basically the scientific evidence hasn't been done...so NO ONE KNOWS the real health risks...

see: http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/news/2011/tattoo-inks-fa...

I am asking this question to benefit anyone who either has a tattoo or others like me considering it. My personal concern is the potential risk of birth defects because I am planning on having more children. I have plenty of childbearing life ahead of me and I'm getting my body ready for another baby....so reading the unsettling news of the "unknown" has made me think about possibly putting my tattoo plans on hold until my childbearing/breastfeeding days are over...(Which will be YEARS from now, I'm only 31.)

So generally speaking, here's my questions: Knowing that there is some scary stuff in tattoo ink, is the risk worth it?

What do you think? Am I just being paranoid? Or should I "relax already" LOL!!!!

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@Mike: my dad has had the same hair do (minus a few strands these days) since 1960.....some things don't ever change ;) lol

But... he doesn't want to change it.  So that's not parallel.  Imagine you have that hideous 70s haircut and you can't change it without lots and lots of pain.

But... he doesn't want to change it.  So that's not parallel. 

Who says people who get tattoos always want to change them? If it's well thought out and done for the right reasons it becomes part of you and it "is" you. Just like your haircut.

True that.  You might never, ever decide you want to change it.

And we both know someone who thought she would never, ever abandon her faith.

I am not saying absolutely don't do it; just stating that you could regret it later on, no matter how much you think you want it now.

@Steve: that was below the belt! LOL!!!! "Abandoning" my faith is different though. Besides isn't it a woman's perogative to change her mind :-)

Roses never go out of style...I cannot forsee ever "not liking" roses. And the story behind my tattoo will be just as powerful 100 years from now as it is today. But the health risks/concerns are a reality that any woman should weigh seriously (I think)....

Yep. You're health is more important than fashion or beauty.

What if tattoo ink is bad for fetuses? Don't you care that it might be bad for adults too? If health risks weigh too heavily on your mind...and you won't know their validity without more research...

Have you considered using scarification or branding? Have you considered temporary tatoos--henna? Have you considered body paint? Body piercing? Personalized jewelry? You could probably even get little implants in the shape a rose...

@Unseen: A biker or pirate or some saggy pants guy with a few years of prison under his belt? or someone with enough income to support you and a mess of kids because he can get a regular real world job not involving music or selling paintings (or drugs)?

So you think all guys with tats sell drugs or can't hold a job?

True story: I dated a guy who was a machinist, ex-navy. Fit, smart.....atheist, although at the time I was a Christian (barely) and this was a point of contention (for me)...full of tats and piercings. He also had his tongue split.....yes your heard me right. Split in two like a lizard. He could so some very interesting things with it btw...anyway, he also had a huge ass branding on his back. One side with a devil other with an angel. He drove a badass harley. He never laid a hand on me and was completely good to me. I however was really fucked up at the time. A stoner and a drunk. I didn't realize that he was exactly the kind of person I needed, but I was too wild...anyway, to this day he is a devoted husband and father. His wife cheated on him, got pregnant, and he stayed with her, worked things out and has taken responsibility for the baby as his own. He has never abused women. I haven't seen him in years but I'm good friends with his sister. It just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover.

Tattoos are yesterday's news. Scarification is the new hot trend but you will require a high tolerance for pain as the process is intensely painful and the burning flesh is quite the stench. Removal later on is a little more problematic if you have a change of heart.

I have not read anything about correlations between tattoos and birth defects, and believe me as a midwife I read a lot on this subject ! This said my physiologist wife says "Never ever put anything on your skin that you would not be willing to eat because our skin is porous, highly absorbent" and I have experienced enough of her very effective home made herbal solutions and creams to now believe beyond doubt.


The most dramatic demonstration of the absorbency of skin was the  little boy of a neighbor of ours who had an asthma attack while we were at lunch at their house. His inhaler (I have serious doubts over the true quality of those things)seemed to be ineffective so medics were called. In the meantime Judith took a little container of Magnesium Oil out of her bag and emptied it onto his chest, rubbing it in. Less than ten seconds later his breathing was easier and after a minute he was breathing properly. By the time the medics arrived he was fine. It seems that Trans-dermal Magnesium Oil is every bit as effective as IV Magnesium (given as a bolos dose during heart attacks!


Judith and her Dr cousin gave me another little demonstration after I dislocated my thumb. My joint there was sore afterwards so Tyjardia rubbed a small amount of DSMO onto the base of my thumb and in seconds the pain went, I was impressed. On top of this she put some MSM in and my thumb started to move more easily (both are forms of organic sulfur). The best demo of absorbent skin is a drop of DSMO anywhere on your skin and one tiny little grain of cannabis oil (comes as a crystal /grain) dropped onto the site, you will be baked in less than a minute !


I no longer use much in the way of the usual commercial cosmetics, the chemicals in them are pretty dreadful and I am now much to aware of how much skin absorbs to be comfortable using them, I would definitely not get chemicals tattooed into my skin !

Thank you for your perspective Nina!

You should usually get one if you get like a meaningful one that means something. I am really not into the idea of having permanent ink in my body, but as of now Im on the fence of getting one in the near future, a small one, as a personal satisfaction of my own self. 

Hopefully there will be more research by then.

Why 'deface' a perfectly good piece of hardware? Considering how many cars I have had in my life, this vehicle has worked very well, and mostly self-repairs....


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