Just a quick and easy question for you heathens this morning:

Do you believe that this new age of being "politically correct" is helping us? Is it making us think harder about ways we may inadvertently hurt those around us?

Or is it turning us into a bunch of people who are becoming too sensitive? Just curious.

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Hard to say about Hollywood. too much of the crap from there is recycled foreign movie plots and sitcoms.

Like The Big Lebowski is a remake of a Hindi version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

In my humble opinion that female is commonly referred to as a C-word (see how PC I can be). :)

I wonder what she would have done if that young man had shown up in Black-Face singing Al Jolson's "Mammy"

People get bent-outta-shape over the silliest  things.

But back then blacks were rarely portrayed accurately, and in fact were not often hired to portray themselves.

@ The Pope B:

Me thinks you missed the point, Jolson was a white man.

So if the C-girl felt justified in accosting the white guy for having a hairstyle, then the question is; if he had shown up doing Al Jolson with Dreadlocks, how much more violence would she have felt justified in doing, how far would she go?

Would she slap him?

Would she kick him in the groin?

Would she take out a gun and shoot him?

Me thinks you missed the point, Jolson was a white man.

I know he was white, yet I still don't get the point.

The concept of PC is more recent than the 1920's and 1930's.

Either that, or they played mentally slow and subservient characters.

Ok, ok, so which person is acting "PC"? The guy who's trying to avoid the confrontation, the girl who's taking offence, or the guy in the trench coat not exposing himself?

She is the one claiming that he, a privileged white guy, is appropriating culture that belongs to black people.



"like white boy Eric Clapton playing the blues"

Whooa There Catman.  Eric Clapton is not a white boy;



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