Just a quick and easy question for you heathens this morning:

Do you believe that this new age of being "politically correct" is helping us? Is it making us think harder about ways we may inadvertently hurt those around us?

Or is it turning us into a bunch of people who are becoming too sensitive? Just curious.

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A few examples of right-wing PCing would help take your view beyond opinion and at least lurching toward the realm of fact.

You mention that there are two examples but failed to give them. 

Maybe you don't understand what "political correctness" means. It means attempting to silence a view based on the notion that its expression will make some identifiable group feel bad.

Unseen, I understand the concept, but but what I am describing is silencing an opposing view by accusing the opponent of being PC. For an example of this consider Bill Oreilly who has described atheists as terrorist PC idiots for favoring secularism in public schools.

And whose feelings would O'Reilly allegedly be trying to protect in that case?

O'Reilly is accusing the atheists organizations of being PC.  He effectively redefines PC to discredit  the legitimate concerns of the atheist community over the use of public resources to promote specific religious teachings.

Oh, you mean the way some people declare we have free will by redefining free will? That's a dodge.

It's more along the line of creationist redefining atheism as a religion.

Yeah, but are there many youtube comments worth reading any more? It's a fricken fucking trollfest.

It's usually just people asking who is watching the video this year.

I don't think we're on the same page(s).

lol funny cause I know what both of you are talking about and you are both correct.

But that's the point of you tube comments to lulzzzzz at the trolls.

Too sensitive.  Everyone needs to grow a thicker skin and not take things to heart and not take them so personally.  

Pretty soon there will be thought police and imprisonment all around the world if Moderate-Radical Islam has it's way.  

Freedom of speech means Freedom to offend.  


Some people get so bent out of shape over television that they are willing to harm or even kill other people.


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