Just a quick and easy question for you heathens this morning:

Do you believe that this new age of being "politically correct" is helping us? Is it making us think harder about ways we may inadvertently hurt those around us?

Or is it turning us into a bunch of people who are becoming too sensitive? Just curious.

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But he's white, just like Jesus!


"But he's white, just like Jesus!"

Oh I get it now, Jesus was a racist white doG.  That does explain a lot.  Thanks.

are you implying that there is such a thing as black culture?  That white boy has to 'steal' black boy culture to blend in and become part of the black culture 'in crowd' so to speak?  Like eminem perhaps?

Pittsburgh TV anchor forced to quit over "insensitive" (but fairly accurate) remarks. Read about it here

I'm just posting this for the benefit of so many kids (ahem, coming from a relatively old man) who think that "words are only sounds" and so can never do harm.

@The Pope:

"...."words are only sounds..."

That is correct, all offense and "harm" is internal and occurs within the mind of the individual owner of the ears that hears the sounds.

BTW, the guy in your video is a Dildo.

As George Carlin famously said "they're just words, they cannot hurt you."

What happens when I say foul words in a language you do not understand?

  vas te faire encule

Sounds, nothing but sounds.

True. I should have used a different language when I joked with a roommate "I fucked your mother". It took weeks (if ever) to mend that faux pas... I didn't account adequately enough for the culture and family that he grew up in.

When Hitler roused the German rabble, he was just jiggling air molecules. What's the harm?

@Unseen:  Hitler?  So in your mind jiggling air molecules burn Jews in ovens???

People act on ideas both good and bad, it's not the words, it is the people.

 it's not the words, it is the people.

It's the people, or their meaning? If it's really the people, what if you don't know them, but a lot of people listen to them (who you don't know, either)?

(Btw, this issue only really matters in the context of internet or other media, right?)

Political correctness as left-wing fascism. I defer to Geroge Carlin:

In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

Politically correct version is...

In the kingdom of the visually impaired the partially-sighted person is fully empowered.

In the kingdom of the visually impaired the partially-sighted person is fully empowered.

Wrong.  It should read "In the kingdom of the visually challenged, the partially sighted person needs to check her/his privilege."


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