Just a quick and easy question for you heathens this morning:

Do you believe that this new age of being "politically correct" is helping us? Is it making us think harder about ways we may inadvertently hurt those around us?

Or is it turning us into a bunch of people who are becoming too sensitive? Just curious.

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need ta define the term..

so if it is silly little euphemisms eg..a fat person is horizontally challenged, a dump is a transfer station, an indulgent wife is a domestic goddess it is not much of anything. I suppose the tendency to blunt or sterilize reality is net negative but not worth ranting or bemoaning.

but if it means expunging racial epithets..nigger, kike etc or slurs against gays...faggot basterd...then it is good.

Actually a "transfer station" is indeed different from a dump. After dropping off your refuse, a bulldozer pushes it off a precipice into an open-topped semi trailer, and it gets hauled off to the actual landfill...now, "landfill" might be PC for "dump."

Not gonna corroborate. Gonna take this on your say-so.

I've made entirely too many visits to transfer stations.

BTW the front loader (I should not have said "bulldozer") has special tires with no tread on them at all.


"I've made entirely too many visits to transfer stations."

Yea, I know what you mean...the price for the furniture and clothes is general free but by the time you get it home it STINKS!!!

A lot of job names have been made less offensive by being "corrected." For example, secretaries are now called "administrative assistants" and a lot of low-level gopher type jobs are now subsumed under a job title involving the word "coordinator." 

Much like how restaurants will not call their trash bags by that name. They have to be all fancy and hoity-toity and call them can liners. They don't have trash cans either, but they do have garbage receptacles. 

Not that that's the same, however, because there is no universal label for any one item. I have a TV, but you may have a Tele. 

I just find it hilarious. 

"Or is it turning us into a bunch of people who are becoming too sensitive? "

I am offended, very offended by that question.

I want an Internet ban on that sentence and any other statement/sentence/question or other thought that even hints at me being sensitive.

Yeah. Fuck the first amendment.

I find much of the concept of "politically correct" asinine.

first of all, who, exactly, decides what is or isn't politically correct?

It's never right-of-center folks.

  I disagree Unseen.  While the idea seems to originate as a wimped-out Orwellian attempt to control political discourse, I see the pc concept regularly used and abused on all sides of the political circus.

   There are at least two uses of "PC" favoring those "right of center".  It appears more and more that the preferred ad hominem tactic used by pundits  is to simply dismiss all with opposing views as "PC".

 The second abuse of "PC" builds on the vague definition of what is considered offensive. Many government offices have created "a PC enforcement office" staffed by a Compliance Officer whose main task is to find or  fabricate something offensive in even the most unoffensive remarks and use it as a way to threaten , or dismiss employees relieving themof pack pay and retirement funds.



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