Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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Prince: Germany should reinstate monarchy

Published: 14 Mar 12 12:41 CET

Germany should reinstate its monarchy to speak to people’s emotions, make them proud of their country and even encourage them to have babies, according to Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia, great-great grandson of the last Kaiser.

Speaking in Thursday’s edition of Die Zeit newspaper, Philip stressed that a monarch would be financially independent – and so would not be likely to accept presents from friends, such as those which led to Christian Wulff’s resignation from the presidency.

"A king is invulnerable to such cases," Prince Philip said. "Either he would have old family property or an Apanage – and it would be beneath his dignity to accept presents from friends."

"And there are no reporters on the level of sniffing around European ruling families,” added the prince, who is a Protestant minister.

Prince Philip said that although successful presidents made their mark with their statements, mentioning Roman Herzog and Richard von Weizsäcker as good examples, he said that words were not enough.

“This level of words is necessary, but they do not move people inside,” he said. “When our hearts are touched, we change. During the past football World Championship there emerged so much uncomplicated national consciousness that nose-wrinkling intellectuals no longer understood their country.

“Emotions are the field on which a royal family can play," he said. "They do not have to think up some programme, it goes to the hearts that they are simply there.”

He said the personal and family lives of politicians were regarded as private – but that those of royals were legitimately public.

“Of course a king should have a happy marriage. Of course the heir to the throne should marry,” he said.

And even the question of royal children was a legitimate matter for the public, he said. “When, as now in Sweden, a member of the royal family is born, what a joy goes through the country! Even the prime minister spoke of a happy day. The heart has a much more intensive influence than the appeal of the family minister for better framework conditions to combine family and career.”

The collapse of royal marriages can even be good for the country, he suggested, because the media scandalises bad behaviour conducted by royals. The collapse of a politician’s marriage is regarded as private, he said, or seen as part of a modern family.

The lives of a royal family lend a country stability, he said. “They are not thrown out by a vote of confidence or swept from office by their immunity from prosecution being lifted. That does a country good.”

He suggested that German politicians would even vote for a royal family to be reinstated, if it came to a vote – nearly a century after the last Kaiser was removed from the throne in 1918. Even left-wingers would be in favour, he suggested, pointing to Sweden where he said some socialists were also royalists.

But even if the German royal family were to be reinstated, Prince Philip would not sit on the throne – that honour would go to Prince Georg Friedrich von Preußen, who is the direct heir and has said he would not want to see a royal restoration

I didn't say that the family had dead ended. I said that there were no more kings. Reading comprehension needs a little work:

Pretend from 18 June 1993
Monarchy abolished 1860

 " I didn't say that the family had dead ended. I said that there were no more kings. Reading comprehension needs a little work:" 

Uprooting three bloodlines may take it to the full limit so that there are no heirs living. This has happen through the millennium in Europe when a regent seeks to secure his legacy. 

Also, based on the current events article, that i attached below, Monarchy may indeed be reinstated in the future.

The Russian orthodox church is indeed pushing to reinstate the monarchy in Russia to continue the Romanov cadet branch of the House of Oldenburg

The Imperial Empire is formulating even as we speak:

"Behold I have told before, so that when it comes to pass, you might believe"

Michael, I truly wish humans lived longer - I would love to meet you in a couple of thousand years, when your Jesus still hasn't come back, when all religions have been replaced by rationality, and when it's obvious that none of your "prophecies" have come true, and go,

I'm sure Michael believe he (=his soul) will be around a thousand years from now to prove us all wrong.

His Sol, definitely; his sole, maybe, if he takes REALLY good care of his shoes; but his soul, ain't gonna happen --

The Empire? Ah...I see what you're saying. Lord Vader and the Death Star will be popping out from behind the moon any day now to death ray the earth into oblivion.

My history's a little rusty - was Darth a descendant of the House of Hapsburg?

Personally, I'm a descendant of the House of Pancakes!

No, I think he was knighted by the evil Emperor.

House of Habsburg
Country Austria, Holy Roman Empire, Italy, Spain, Hungary-Croatia, Bohemia, England-Ireland (Jure uxoris), Portugal, Bosnia and Slovenia
Titles Emperor of the Romans
Emperor of Austria
King of Germany
Emperor of Mexico
King of Spain
King of Aragon
King of Sicily
King of Naples
King of Castile
King of Hungary
King of Bohemia
King of Croatia
King of England and Ireland
King of Portugal
King of Dalmatia
King of Galicia and Lodomeria
Archduke of Austria
Founding 11th century - Radbot, Count of Habsburg
1700 - Charles II died without issue
Austria and Bohemia:
1780 - Maria Theresa, being the last member, died and succeeded by her son of the House of Lorraine
Cadet branches Habsburg-Lorraine
Leopoldian line
Albertine line

I-) sleepy


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