Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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Author Delos McKowan may have put it just a tad more eloquently, when he said, "The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike."

Hahaha!!!How true!

Found on a bathroom stall (and no, I didn't write it!) --

Number One post we go....


                                    No God!                                  God exists!              

[No evidence for 'god']       OK                               Suppression?/not available?   

[Evidence for 'god']      Delusion?/bad data        No Suppression/not yet convencing


Alternative                           No God!                                      God exists!  

[No evidence for 'god']    Atheists Right/Theists wrong      Atheists Wrong/Theists Right

[Evidence for 'god']        Atheists Right/Theists Deluded   Atheists Deluded/Theists Right


Just my funny attempt to get this stuff straight!


God is so powerful that he created a universe that didn't have a god.

One of His many powers, along with creating an object so heavy that not even He can lift it.

So you're saying you've put on a little weight?

Michael, why should there be a need for faith? Why the games? Why doesn't God just say, "I'm your God. Here's your proof. Now just be good little slaves and bow down before my majesty or I won't let you live forever in my magical amusement park after you die"?

Theists put such a premium on faith, which, as I see it, is only a vehicle to force belief in things too incredible to believe. But clearly, by every verse of scripture I've read, this Judeo/Christian/Islamic god craves adoration, which would be far more freely given if he/she/it would make him-/her-/itself clearly obvious to everyone, so the question is, which is more important to him/her/it, faith or adoration?

If faith, there's no reason to bitch about fewer adorers. If adoration, just show yourself and eliminate the need for faith.

If you could loosen the bands of the seven sisters or draw leviathan with a hook. He would be the first to congratulate  you, call you his equal and receive your counsel.

The "Seven Sisters," Mikey, is formed by seven hot new stars, and are not banded in any way, in fact, they're thousands of light years apart. Now it could well be that some nomad, running around in the desert, having no idea what stars really were, or anything about them really, may have decided they were somehow banded, but see, that's the problem with making up a bunch of crap like that, writing it in a book, and claiming that some god said it - you really gotta get it right, 'cause if you don't, then somebody like me is going to say something like, "What kind of god is this, that thinks these 7 stars, thousands of light years apart, with temperatures of thousands of degrees, have a 'band' around them?!! What an idiot!"

As for Leviathan, you show him to me, and I'll hook him! Fair enough? You go stand on a beach somewhere - anywhere you think he is - and as soon as you spot him, you give me a holler, and I'll come a'runnin' with my cane pole and the biggest ol' fishin' hook you ever did see, OK? I mean, we'll fillet that sucker and have the biggest ol' barbeque, whoooeee! - we'll invite the whole TA clan and just have us a whale of a time!

I probably should ask, he's not on the endangered species list by any chance, is he?

Now you stand right there til you see him, hear? Don't you move --


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