Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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Don't get me wrong, the son of God will return and usher in the thousand years of peace some time after the Jews construct the Temple in Jerusalem using the Keystone recently found from the previous Temple.

What makes you so sure? And you actually mean to say that Jesus is waiting on the construction of a building to return and bring a thousand years of peace? And we're supposed to think that Jesus is just and the real Prince of Peace while he sits on his cloud waiting for a building to be built? And you say "some time after" the temple is built, so even after it's built it could be many years, perhaps a couple thousand years, after the building of the temple that he'll hop off his cloud and bring peace to the world.

And you don't think that's the least bit absurd?

Unseen, I understand there was some hold-up on the inter-dimensional building permit, but they're working it out. We should hear something any day now --

I heard it had something to do with the UAW - Union of Angelic Workers - they're getting fed up with just being considered messenger boys - they want to be called, "information engineers" - the strike shouldn't last too long, I'm told Satan sent up some scabs, you know, ex-lawyers, evangelists and such --

The son of man will not return until the full count of the Gentles have entered into his fold. Meanwhile the Jews to whom the promise was made, are given the spirit of sleepiness, until this occurs.

Then I guess we're in for quite a wait, because I know a ton of both Jews and Gentiles who have no interest in becoming anyone's sheep.

So, Mikhail, how does that sleepy thing work - let's say you're half-Jewish and half-Gentile - mixed nationalities - does the Jewish half fall asleep and the Gentile half stay awake? Would that be the left half and the right half, or the bottom half and the top half? I mean, can you imagine your bottom half being awake and capable of functioning, while you're top half doesn't work so well? Yeah, I guess you can, can't you --?

Nicely put, Kyle.

WTF? Is this a joke post?

Dear Folks:

 I remember something about the 'absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence'. Theists can 'point' towards 'evidence' for the existence of a god, first cause, prime mover, intelligent designer, or what have you. But atheists can use all or most of the same material, with different interpretations, to generate a divergent hypothesis/assertion. An issue that might affect both could be more about human cognition and less about what resides behind the details to ultimate reality. To me, it seems that theists want to jump the gun on aquiring 'truth'. While atheists, myself included, might consider what evidence exists as not coersive. Saying that everything points towards and demands the existence of some creative intelligent force, while such an idea could simplify understanding, does not help with the deep details. It just begs the questions, it does not happlly silence doubt or honesty.      

Dude stop religion trolling lol no evidence means no neutrality.

"Is the  neutral verdict on the existence of God being maintain by God?"

What neutral verdict, pray tell? No neutral verdict here. You answer your own question - how clever is that?

If there was solid evidence for your particular god, everybody WOULD believe - but there isn't, none, so Voila, no room for faith. 

Why do you have to have faith. What is faith but belief in the unprovable. I have faith there is a white unicorn in my room - you have to prove it isn't there, but what is the point? You are saying your particular god is playing games? Man is so stupid in believing this. Sad really :(

It's a discussion like this that makes me more fearful of self-fulfilling prophesy. Terrible things can happen as a result of faith.

Can anyone here guess what part Romney might think he should play in his vision of the end of our world? All it takes to make it happen is a serious dose of Faith, right?

The Court Jester --?


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