Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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Incorrect, the Jews do not believe in Christian prophecies nor Revelations. 

 Their motivation and goal have been decreed before the foundations of the earth. Foreshadowed by Melchizedek, the high priest of Salem to whom Abraham tithed with Levi being in his loins connoting the superior Priesthood which was to come: Melchizedek- "Neither having beginning of life nor end of days, but of whom it is witnessed, he lives"

 Yeshua (the Anointed) is that high  priest.




Eh, who said anything about Jewish people?  WTF are you talking about?

I am, in fact, correct that there are those who are actively trying to bring about a 'Biblical apocalypse.'  John Hagee, for example:

The rest of what you've written isn't worth responding to as it is utter nonsense.  If you continue to follow up with irrelevant drivel, I'll simply respond in kind by quoting from Lorem Ipsum.  

I am sure I would understand Lorem Ipsum better than this blog. Why do xians ask such inane questions?

Where are you Archy, with your snoring happy face?

And Yep, what Kyle said:D

How about George W - all lined up for the Apocalypse, did he read John Hagee's rubbish. It's a worry when the most powerful country on earth, and therefore the most powerful man on earth, the American president, not just believes this claptrap, but then acts on it.

This hateful, stupid person John Hagee, says the USA must join Israel in a pre-emptive strike against Iran to fulfill god's plan. What the Flying F**ck.

This stuff is truly terrifying.

RE: "Where are you Archy, with your snoring happy face?" - if you didn't live at the opposite end of the earth, we'd be snoring simultaneously.

If you're asking why I'm not commenting, judging by his rants, this poor nutjob is obviously suffering from multiple psychological problems and I'm unqualified at long distance therapy of the unwilling (and quite likely incurable).


'Nutjob' - Nah, just the usual, run of the mill xian who asks stupid questions and makes stupid statements that he can't back up.

This "run of the mill xian" attempts to prophesy, which, (imo) qualifies him for a first-class accommodation in the rubber room.

He is just getting off topic.  He is attempting to summarize the entire book of Hebrews from the NT in one paragraph. 

Who do you supposed named that book John? I've read, in The New American Bible, that the word, "Hebrew" was a racial insult to the Jewish people - that no Jew would ever call himself nor any other Jew, a Hebrew, which loosely translated, simply meant a migrant, a wanderer.

Don't get me wrong, the son of God will return and usher in the thousand years of peace some time after the Jews construct the Temple in Jerusalem using the Keystone recently found from the previous Temple.

What makes you so sure? And you actually mean to say that Jesus is waiting on the construction of a building to return and bring a thousand years of peace? And we're supposed to think that Jesus is just and the real Prince of Peace while he sits on his cloud waiting for a building to be built? And you say "some time after" the temple is built, so even after it's built it could be many years, perhaps a couple thousand years, after the building of the temple that he'll hop off his cloud and bring peace to the world.

And you don't think that's the least bit absurd?

Unseen, I understand there was some hold-up on the inter-dimensional building permit, but they're working it out. We should hear something any day now --

I heard it had something to do with the UAW - Union of Angelic Workers - they're getting fed up with just being considered messenger boys - they want to be called, "information engineers" - the strike shouldn't last too long, I'm told Satan sent up some scabs, you know, ex-lawyers, evangelists and such --

The son of man will not return until the full count of the Gentles have entered into his fold. Meanwhile the Jews to whom the promise was made, are given the spirit of sleepiness, until this occurs.


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