Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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Yaayyyy for all lascivious and profane spectacles. Yaayy for Drama Queens, or queens of any sort really. Have you ever experienced lasciviousness - it really is such fun, and the people involved are brilliant and joyous and friendly.

You really should experience it. You don't know what you are missing, and therefore you are not making a knowledgeable and experiential  comment.

So, next time time there is a lascivious party going, you can come with me :D

Don't tempt me Delilah ;)

Gee, Michael, just how many women are you seeing?

Temptress is my middle name.

Wow, that's an invite, but my wife would knock me clear into next Tuesday.


So, she and most of the rest of us have that desire in common --

pax vobiscum,


In the old Testament, God's Name did reside in the Holy of Holies and the Priest did attend to God's Name. So a chosen few had direct interaction.

  In the new Testament God's Name resides in the individual by being baptized into it.

 " i baptize you in  (into) the Name .....). Thus allegedly among the true believers, they daily have direct interactions as priests in their own right, with God residing in the Holy temple of their bodies. Which is suppose be the fulfillment of the pattern of things established by the tabernacle in the wilderness.

 So allegedly, the silence of faith is suppose to lead to direct interaction. However based on the cacophony found in 99.999% of Christendom, not soul would believe it.



Sir, better look for a couch to lie down and watch the pretty pictures go away.


In future please note that beginners should not start out smoking hashish in their bhong. 


I'm afraid I understand what he is saying... and I haven't even been smoking anything!  I think I should go lie down anyway.

I only understand it from having read the Bible.  So... some Christians literally think the God is inhabiting their bodies?  I could agree with that on a very different level - that the same forces which gave rise to life and evolution (ie a Creator of sorts) are within our world and the bodies of all living things.  

That's not quite the same thing, though, is it?  Maybe the writers of the Bible were unknowingly on to something, but they hadn't the science to work out the particulars?

It usually works out Diane, that after a visit from Michael, or his alter-ego, Angelo, we all could use a rest - at least those who feed his craving for attention.

As for the one thing that all life shares, it's that electrical spark that kicked the whole thing off. If anyone wants to call that spark "god," I suppose it's OK, but although I'm grateful to it, I can't see building it a cathedral.

Interesting article I ran across today:

Did Belief in Gods Lead to Mayan Demise?

pax vobiscum,

You might also note Diane, that he hasn't responded to any of my posts to him - "Michael" and I have met before - or at least one or more of his cronies who use that username to post here (they seem to work in shifts - I suspect students in a theological school somewhere, when one has to go to class, another, distinctly different personality takes over -- that, or Mike's schizophrenic -- or both!)

Haha, that would be cool...



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