Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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With the Judeo-Christian God, faith is the most significant element of salvation. 

 This not expounded upon in the Koran to my knowledge nor in Hinduism nor Buddhism.

 To the practitioners of Hinduism and Buddhism, their god or experience is real and apparent.  Buddhist monks have been documented over the millennium doing supernatural feats. Marco Polo even saw a monk levitate ( if we can believe him). 




Someone who proselytizes belongs to a faith and has a statement of belief that the initiates are ask to conform to. This covers 99.999% of Christendom. I have no statement of belief nor am I a practitioner of any denomination. I am here to shatter paradigms and call out falsehood when i see it. and 99.999% all religion including Christendom is false. I stood in Jerusalem at the center for biblical polemics and called the Pope out as clearly being false ( I am being euphemistic here). 

Thus the falsehood of all faiths justifies my believe that they are. And I have presented my evidence time and time again if you sift threw my posts.

 In regard to pseudo-science, well we humor things that challenge the paradigm. It is food for thought and just anecdotal. Never leave people confortable in the established Theism or Atheism.

Striking down both Theism and Atheism is proselytizing. I strongly disagree.

 I am a meta- physicist delving into all establishes truths and putting them through the fire. This is why I am confounded that you have not read my scientific posts or is it simply amnesia? Admittedly the current paradigm is a work in process as science learns every year and self corrects it's self with new facts, yet I am passionate about the current basis for the believe in evolution is weak and is highly suspect by those of us in engineering. We know multiple system control theory and have a clear under standing of the first and second law of thermodynamics. How mathematically arduous it is to design and control simple mutliple systems. let alone one that has the complexity of a biological system. to surmises that this all came about by random mutating apears highly suspect.

Well yes, I am here to entertain also. And it keeps them coming back for more. But I will do my best not to have the appearance of proselyting.

If this is the same "Michael" who has also posted as "Angelo," seemingly supporting "Michael's" assertions, then I have detected at least four distinct personalities posting under the same name and avatar - possibly dorm students in some school of theology, trolling atheist websites for the purpose of proselytizing.

Strongly advise a bar of soap for the mouth

I'm thinking there are many here who have a variety of suggestions as to what you can do with your bar of soap --

pax vobiscum,

As an engineer you'd also know that even the most complex of creations starts off simply enough. They just don't pop into existence auto-magically. Trees just don't pop up into your yard fully grown. No, they start from a simple seed, Getting larger and more and more complex as it grows. Humans are the same way.. whether you're talking conception or evolution.. We start as a single cell which divides again and again. Because of the rules set up by the process of evolution those cells then separate into cells for specific processes.. which then further divide again and a again as the fetus grows.. The growth of any creature (flora or funa) is nothing more than a microcosm of the process of evolution itself, with one difference. Genes determine the final outcome of what that individual will become, whereas evolution is still on-going and we're as individuals are just a small step in the final process. 

It's for that reason why it's difficult to believe in "intelligent design". That's not even mentioning that 'intelligent design' is nothing more than religion masquerading as science.  

LOL, you are an excellent example of an uneducated literate. Why don't you call your biology teacher from high school and take the lessons on advanced evolution/preliminary population genetics again?

A 'meta-physicist'? Charming! So in the classes you took to receive a 'degree', they tought Numerology also? Or was this an elective at some mail order/online school?

Asserting that we live in a 'matrix', is only as valuable as the 'belief' in astrology. It might be fun to believe in, but the utility is limited.

Appearing to be proficient at everything, only reminds me of folks with delusions of grandure.

Well physicists assert that we live in a hologram and that all the information in the universe is actually mapped to a surface  of the hypersphere that we are enclosed in. Analogously all the information contained in  a blackhole is mapped to its surface. Dr. Lennard Susskind its one of your chief proponents of the Holographic Universe. In regard to the matrix, one of the observable signs would be astrononical coincidences  to make the prophecies in regard to 666 possible.  NERO CAESAR, sums to 666 in Hebrew and he is among the deadliest of the Beastly Emperors of the Roman Empire.(there were six others as prophesied, including the Vaspasian and Septimus Severus dynasties) And the Imperial Emperor of the future that is now formulating and existing as it's precursor, the EU shall also have such a leader. He shall also require that everyone receives his mark on the forehead and on the palms of the hand. The Beast is identifiied by, its slaughter of the Holy and Elect., it requirement that everyone postrate themselves and worship it, lastly, standing in the reconstructed Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and declaring itself God. (The abomination of Desolation, spoken about by Daniel, Jesus and the Revelation)

Tell me Mikey, I HAVE to know - why do you post, then delete so many comments? If you made a mistake (other than just being nuts), just use the "Edit" button (no "Edit" button caan fix nuts --)!

RE: "Well physicists assert that we live in hologram and that all the information in universe is actually mapped to surface  of the hypersphere that we are enclosed in."

Some physicists have presented that idea as a possibility - let's get factual.

RE: "one of the observable signs would be astrononical coincidences  to make the prophecies in regard to 666 possible"

Where do you get that leap of "logic"?


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