Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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Rome is dead, Italy nearly bankrupt, and Byzantium is barely a memory in ancient history books. You're living in a world that no longer exists, Michael.

BTW, which god would that be? Zeus, Odin, Amurru? I have a list that would extend past the capabilities of this page to hold - to which invisible sky creature could you possibly be referring?


"Rome is dead, Italy nearly bankrupt, and Byzantium is barely a memory in ancient history books. You're living in a world that no longer exists, Michael."

To the contrary, in direct fulfillment of the prophecies, The Roman Empire and Byzantium are on the rise. I have spoken volumes on this site about the EU, its expansion eastward, its common currency, (the first time since Emperor Diocletian and the eminent assimulation of Turkey, the former land mass of Byzantium. This despite its fall to the Sultanates and Turks  Constaninople has remained the spiritual center of the Orthodox Church. Both Rome and Constantinople are the two horns of Chrisian Roman Empire.

Collectively, this cities still rule over 1.5 billion people, spiritually. the temporal power is returning, even as we speak.. It was no accident that  the EU was forged by the Treaty of Rome.

Still fearful, Michael - No god to love or hate - no ghosts, no prophesies, no angels, no talking snakes - 

No god to be neutral, or anything else, actually. Just sad people who believe violence is the way forward, war is inevitable. I am not fussed by what any one believes or not believe, it is when it overflows into my life, that it is an affront to me. 

Did your parents hide from you when you were a child, just so you would have 'faith' in their existence. Not just words from a translated book, or words in your head - proof, is needed.

RE: "Did your parents hide from you when you were a child, just so you would have 'faith' in their existence." - good one! So good, I just may steal it --

I have walked into some very wild places in my time that should of had fairies, but did not, upon general inspection. How pure of heart must one be before they become visible? Do they like HOHOs?

If they don't, can I have theirs?

@James Cox - I don't see fairies, but I do see a lovely White Unicorn - so I must be very pure of heart :) or else, someone is stealing my stash.

I MUST be pure of SOMEthing, I'm just not sure on which part of my anatomy it's located --

I know which parts ain't.

Have you been peeking?

I'm surprised this thread is still going strong. Why don't we just inform Michael that there IS no "neutral verdict" and get on with discussing things with someone else who doesn't wear a foil-lined hat.

-@ Michael - He shall stand in Temple of god showing that he is a god - 

The wars and blood shed over centuries caused by THREE religions fighting over the same pathetic piece of land - not the temple of god - it is misnamed  - Temple of Doom - thousands murdered, blood in the streets, for the same frigging piece of land - stupid, territorial male, in the guise of religion.

And so, if god is everywhere, why on earth do they fight over one spot.

I have a vague recollection, about this temple, and that it was commissioned by Solomon,  and built by demons, who were then put into jars - something like that -   not just a scary story, in this case, this dangerous myth causes death and destruction.

Why did god allow it to be destroyed - if that was his house - which was, as the myth goes, built by demons - I don't believe in god or demons, the whole thing is rubbish - it is just that this one place causes so much despair.

And you, by supporting one particular franchise of these myths, and also supporting the notion of your particular loving god, are also perpetuating the violence.

The welcome mat is out for you Michael - think about the side that has no place in the murder, rape and bloodshed over a building and a wall where loads of people bang their heads against.




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