Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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My words are all related to the Latin Rite which is prominent in prophecy. I am sure you can make random words work also.

But yet your "Latin rite" seems to work on English words? How would you logically explain that? Sorry, I know that logic is a term with which you appear not to be familiar --

Yes, but you had to make up a rule (start with A=50) to get yours to work.

Try this one:

Assign numbers to the letters of the alphabet in reverse order (A=26, B=25...)

Add the values for these words - then add the two totals together:

Bertrand Russell's Teapot

Flying Spaghetti Monster 

How about:

"Water makes the best rain."

"Twins usually always come in pairs."

"You can only light a Roman candle once."

"Always be sincere, whether you mean it or not."

"Life is worth living, especially if you're alive."

They're coming to take you away, Michael, expect that knock on your door, soon --

That's the point exactly, dude. The fact that even random words can work means that your voodoo hocus pocus bogus number crunching is completely meaningless. Don't you get that?

So what if your words are related to the latin rite. Seriously, so what? My lines are all about holes - cavity, abyss, mariner. What? You say mariner doesn't belong in the same category as cavity and abyss? Maybe it's just me. It's hard being a baseball fan from Seattle.

Oh - the other thing my lines have in common is that they are anagrams of yours. By your rules, they also add to 666. But who gives a flying f***? It's all nonsense! Anyone can pick words, make up rules for the numbers and pretend they MEAN something!  Jesus. 

Y'know. I've been in a lot of conversations about religion and politics with a lot of people - on-line and face to face. Even when I disagree vehemently with people, I find it's not difficult to have a respectful dialog.

But you? You're some kind of special, Michael. And you can be pretty sure I don't mean that as a compliment.

I'm new to ThinkAtheist, so maybe I'm out of line to get harsh with you. But if you're seriously incapable of grasping even the simplest concepts, I feel like telling you to pack your bags and get out of my house.

 Jesus? Really?

You're not at all out of line, Karen, even one of the moderators on the board - the one whose posts I read when I have insomnia at night and need something to put me to sleep (he knows who he is) - has threatened to ban him.


That's all I'm sayin' --

Dear Michael:

I did not know I could come here to receive a short class in Numerology.

Thank you!

This is one place where 'mathematics' meets BS, but thats ok. I once read a paper by a fellow that was kindly nick-named 'Crank'. He had attempted to settle the issue of, 'the answer to everything', but did not know how to convert centigrade to kelvin. This might not be a problem, since some have issues with fractions.

Has there been an an exhaustive analysis by numerology concerning 'all/most' characters, events, etc in history, or just the ones that are part of a common absession? I was wondering why you think numerology has any bearing upon the primary guestion posed?

James Cox - RE: "the answer to everything"

I thought the late, great Douglas Adams had already settled that issue in the four books of his trilogy, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - he reported that the answer to "Life, the Universe and Everything," is 42 --

Yes, but answers can and go like fancy shoes. Now 'God', Evolution, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, Obama, Romney, etc are in the mix. I fear that 'extinction', could enter the list of options if we are not careful.

Matrix is a word with many meanings (not just the one in the movie). We are probably living in several matrices depending upon how one defines the matrix.

I contend that we are in fact living in a matrix. like a massive computer God has not only crankout history thousand of years into the future but has influence it by determining who is born when and with what type of mental capacity. As he prophesied " Many shall run to and frow and knowledge will be greatly increased". He is the one that calls those shots in the history of man, He gives telltale signs of his authorship of  histroy by time  and again authoring astronomical coincidences. The 666 theme is one of the coincidences that he has authored before the foundations of the earth, along with the Rise of Babylon (Rome and Constantinople (Istanbul) as the the two horns of the Christian Roman Beast currently marchin Eastward (the current day EU which is currently in the process of confederating politically as well as economically).

Istanbul, along with Turkey are not there yet, but I know the prophecy and the current overchores underwork to make it happen. You can google it.


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