Truth is, if there was solid evidence for the existence of God, it then would be a point of fact with no room for faith.

Therefore is it possible that the continued neutrality is being sustain by God for our benefit?

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Brilliant - This is the one :D

He has a "style" so consistently riddled with grammatical and spelling and other linguistic idiosyncracies and flaws that he'd be hard not to recognize under any other name.

Dissecting this with Occam"s razor. What is more likely? That god is keeping neutrality to allow room for faith, or that humans who have invented religion elevated the idea of faith to achieve obedience without question from their followers? 

Of course, Occam's razor must render faith foolish. If faith weren't so foolish, it would not have been so hard for Abraham to offer up Isaac. The sacrifice of logic is so profuse and profound, yet as a high priest in the  Holy Temple of your body, this is what he dwell in the Holy of Holies of your soul and in whom we move and exist, requires. 

@Miguel - Most of us would risk our lives to save the life of a child, yet when old Honest Abe was told to take Ike up a mountain, slit his throat and barbeque him, he didn't tell the boogy man who spoke to him in his delusions dreams, to f*** off - why do you suppose that is, Mike?

pax vobiscum,

Honestly I am watching this from the sidelines and I just want to hurl.  With my background, this just looks so silly, but refuting it would require digging through my spare room, locating my notes, ect.  Thanks for holding it in your stomach and fighting this one out for the rest of us.  Not sure how much it will accomplish though.

I will add this though to help out. Michael... Prophecies in the ancient near east did not concern issues of the far future.  They always concerned a near-future prediction.  This was true in Mari when prophets urged Zimri Lim on how to conduct business with Hammurabi, and it is true about a thousand years later when Isaiah comes to Ahaz when he is standing at the water cistern to determine if he needs to ally with Assyria in order to defend against the Syrian coalition, when he says "The woman will be with child and before he knows right and wrong the coalition you are concerned about will be no more".  It doesn't concern far future prophecy, it is dealing with the current political situation.  The Israelite and the Judean prophecies, parallel the way that the prophets of Mari talk about Zimri-lim.  Only the post-exilic prophets start predicting a further future.  But the prophecies in Daniel revolve around Antiochus Epiphanes.  It is blatantly obvious.  As for the "prophecies" in Revelation.  Even the Eastern Orthodox know that the main purpose of that book was not to prophesy.

The main purpose of Revelation is to give a coded message that the current situation under Domitian was something the 7 churches needed to bear because in the end the author felt Christ would be victorious and kingdoms would rise and fall.  It is a genre called apocalyptic literature, it isn't prophecy, it is encoded messages and the code is pretty easy to decipher, because it is one of many apocalyptic literature books written with an encoded message characterized by an angel guide revealing things through visions, ect.   It is like how in the old days, how your grandma would write a single letter and mention the 7 people in the family who are all supposed to read it.  It had a present day message.  The end of the world thing was just a backdrop.  Reading other books of it's style that predate it, starting from the exile period in babylon reveals this.  It is one of many apocalyptic lit books and isn't meant to be taken literally.

As for this faith thing, looking at the Iliad, and how Zeus has a conversation about why he doesn't want to kill Hector, because "hey he offers sacrifices faithfully", but in the end relents to Athena (I think it was), shows how even if you did everything right, you could still get on the bad side of a god.  If a god tells you to do something, you are SOL.  You just do the thing.  And human sacrifice was part of ancient near east worship.   Heck there is a story in the bible about how godly Israelite warriors were stopped because a pagan king sacrificed his son to a pagan god.

27 Then he took his oldest son who was to reign in his placeand offered him for a burnt offering on the wall. And there came great wrath against Israel. And they withdrew from him and returned to their own land."   2 Kings 3:27 (ESV) Nice and sanitized in most older translations.

Okay now he is all yours again Archaeopteryx.

RE: "he is all yours again Archaeopteryx" - if you want to give me something John, I could really use another pair of socks - in fact, as a gift, I would prefer measles, mumps and chicken pox, in combination, to Michael. Thanks, but no thanks --

pax vobiscum,

Seriously. F-off is the only right answer to the a-hole who tests your loyalty by telling you to murder your child. Said a-hole, who, BTW, already knows your innermost thoughts so shouldn't have to actually assign the test to know the outcome.

Of course, Occam's razor must render faith foolish. If faith weren't so foolish, it would not have been so hard for Abraham to offer up Isaac. The sacrifice of logic is so profuse and profound, yet as a high priest in the  Holy Temple of your body, this is what he dwell in the Holy of Holies of your soul and in whom we move and exist, requires. 

Well, you've clearly sacrificed your logic. It wasn't faith that made it hard for Abraham to offer up Isaac. Take faith out of the equation, and most fathers would still have a hard time killing or allowing their child to be killed. What if Isaac was a psychopathic killer and couldn't be stopped until he was dead, it most likely would still have been difficult for Abe to kill him.

Perhaps the gift of intelligence is also just to test our faith, for both faith and foolishness are much easier to accept without it?

True, "We preached, Christ crucified, foolishness, to  the Greeks and a stumbling block to the Jews"






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